Typography Rules And Terms That Every Designer Must Know

Typography Rules And Terms That Every Designer Must Know

Designing – Creativity in its purest form.

Being a designer has its own perks and drawbacks.

People think you are an artist who can create anything just by a small brief or little detail. Even if you are good at it, there are a lot of things that go in the process of it.

Typography, for example, holds major importance in designing. It basically refers to putting context into the content.

From a business point of view, it’s supremely important for you to understand why typography matters for your brand and how the correct size, font, color, and alignment will help you make a difference.

On the other hand,  if you are a designer, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an ace. Typography knowledge is something a designer can’t really say has learned and applied well.

Typography is not a lesson but an understanding which you get to observe with sheer practice and experience. A design is never complete without the text. The font, size, shape, color combination, spacing everything needs to be perfect to make the design worth everything.


The space between two letters.

Yes, that’s what kerning is all about. it is essential for every designer to know how to adjust and make it work.

Fill out that gap between two letters and make them sit together. There is one thing that confuses designers the most  – Font

And in typography fonts play an integral part,

Especially when they all are beautiful and they all go with your design.

but there is a lot of other effects that go with them.

Choosing the right font is a design job half done.


This is very important for any designer to know exactly what will look good and what exactly will be read well.

Most branding companies make this common mistake and can sabotage your image as a brand if you want to go for a good branding company who can help you design your brand with the finesse, you must go for a Mumbai based branding company or other metropolitan cities for that matter as they have a better knowledge of designing and branding as compared to small town branding agencies.

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It often happens that designers choose a beautiful font which later on looks bad on the hardcopy which eventually gets the whole design rejected.

Font knowledge and its usage is something very critical and no designer can ignore it. The best way to deal with it is to limit your fonts. Do take notes from different fonts and make sure that they all are highly acceptable and readable at the same time.

Have a set combination of fonts and make use of them only. It will save you a lot of time and energy.

And what difference will the designing make if the content can’t be read properly?


Left alignment is also known as Flushed text is easy and practically the most common type of alignment because it’s easy for our eyes to read.

On the other hand, Flushed right will only look good if the length of the lines and the left alignment is proper.

To know and set up the right alignment is not an easy task at all. It not only hinders the readability of the text but also in some formats looks unnecessary styled.

The top center part is mostly used as the title part of the creative which denotes the context and heading of the creative. Though it is not a rule to use the top center part as the title.

The bottom part is used for the additional information that you want to convey and this is the part where the secondary font is applied in contrast with the first.

Space Allocation

Many times you will find that there is a lot of empty space in the design and you will feel obliged to fill it with some of your creative thoughts.

Don’t do that. Everything is there for a reason.

Space allocation is something very important when you are designing specifically for a client or a big brand you need to make sure that the message is readable and is conveyed in the right way.

Giving away too much information or just to fill in the spaces for the sake of designing is not designing at all.

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Widows & Orphans

No, don’t misunderstand this. I’m not talking about people but alphabets, sentences, and paragraphs.

A widow refers to a sentence of a paragraph which has shifted to the next column, whereas an orphan is the same, but not a sentence and only a single word.

While designing it often happens that the sentences or words get an unusual shift, to avoid it do a manual edit to adjust the length of the text.

You may look forward to adjusting the text box and column size.

A word or a sentence which is out of alignment looks left out and sometimes observed as a single word trying to make its own meaning. Now, this not only makes your creative ugly but confuses the reader with unnecessary text and unstructured formatting.


Size is what determines the context and importance of any text and helps in conveying the right message. For example, it often happens in a design that due to the small size of the text, the important information is left unread, which later creates a misunderstanding which is not good at all.

While designing, you must take care of what is the primary & secondary thought you want the reader to observe, what is it that needs to be caught by a reader’s eye immediately.

Sizing the text is what gives your design a new & right perspective.

Designing being the core art, typography is what provides the right amount of feel to it. The first thing a reader’s eye will look for in a design is the text to understand the message and context of it. Thus, it always needs to be clear and to the point else you will mislead the reader into something else.

All these typography tips will help you become a good designer.

Author Bio: Prakhar is a passionate and enthusiastic content specialist at Walnut Folks. He loves writing short novels and blogs and is a connoisseur of Urdu poetry. As an aspiring filmmaker at heart, he ardently follows the works of Anurag Kashyap, Gulzar, Piyush Mishra, and Christopher Nolan. When not found at his desk, you can expect him to be either dancing to an upbeat Bollywood number, or humming some Sufi tunes.

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