Videos that are memorable: how to make them

A viral video transcends the online sphere, garnering huge numbers of views. Crafted with the Instagram video editor, these viral videos evoke profound emotions, compelling viewers to share. Leveraging the capabilities of the TikTok video editor contributes to heightened viewership and follower counts. Beyond a mere video, it forms the core of a strategic marketing campaign, where the organic virality captivates users, naturally fostering interest in the creator.

Key Considerations

Understanding audience behavior is the most critical factor in creating viral content. This allows finding what attracts viewers and skillfully utilizing it in the TikTok video editor.

According to the emotional state model, triggers can be categorized into:


To ensure a positive outcome, focus on conveying intense yet favorable emotions. Using humor is a powerful tool actively contributing to the success of many viral videos. Alternatively, you can vary plots in the editor, eliciting a mix of different emotions.


Excitement is a key factor in decision-making and can provoke both negative and positive reactions. This emotion is extremely effective in creating teasers, hinting at and anticipating things, but the complete picture remains in the shadows.


Once you identify the most appealing emotion to your target audience, you can precisely adapt your video using the best TikTok editing app. Consider factors such as age category, user location, and cultural peculiarities.

Another effective neuromarketing technique is adding an element of surprise.

Basic Recommendations

While the optimal length of a video cannot be definitively determined, most viral videos are short. Additional techniques to achieve results include:

Use the curiosity gap

Curiosity evokes interest, and interest leads to engagement. For the video to be truly successful, the content must be as effective as the “hook.”

Start with a catchy headline in the TikTok editing app

Begin with a headline that piques people’s curiosity, prompting them to guess what awaits them.

Provide value

Videos offering practical value are highly beneficial – they help solidify a brand’s authority and have a high viral coefficient.

In addition to practical value, it is essential to recognize the impact of emotional engagement. Videos that inspire positive emotions are often well-received by audiences, creating a desire to share these uplifting moments with others. Therefore, incorporating elements that evoke positive emotions can significantly contribute to a video’s virality, as people are more inclined to share content that resonates with them on an emotional level.

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