Vital Home Security Tips Before Your Holiday

Home Security Tips Before Holiday

It is an exciting time when you are planning a holiday, especially if it has been months or years since your last one. But before you run out the door, take some time to consider the security of your home while you are away. For most of us, simple deadlocks are enough for us to feel safe. This is how most if not all homeowners and tenants secure their houses. Of course, if traditional locks don’t appeal to you, you can also opt for smart ones these days. But there is more to home security than just locks. Burglars have also become smarter. This is the reason you need to consider some cutom intercom system installer home security tips before you go on a holiday.

Keep Your Valuables Out Of Sight

Travel experts warn holidaymakers of displaying their valuables when in public. This is something that you should also avoid in your home to prevent enticing burglars.

Even when you have secured the house with good locks, valuables should not be seen through the window. Someone may try to get in by any means possible.

You may also consider installing a safe to store your precious valuables. This will help in keeping them out of sight and reach.custom intercom system installer

Install the Most Effective Locks

It may not be easy to identify effective locks when you have little knowledge about them. The best looking lock may not be the best for your home.

With the knowledge and expertise of a skilled locksmith, you can get suitable and quality locks installed on every door in your home. They also help with recommendations for window locks too.

Burglars or thieves are also knowledgeable about locks. You would rather work with an expert who is going to help you secure your home rather than leave it easy to break-in.

Install Lights with a Timer or Television Simulator

Technology has seen the creation of lights with timers. These are ideal for business people who are always away or when one goes on holiday.

If you are away for a few days, it will be easy for people to tell you are not home. This is a security mistake that you should not make.

The lights will go on and off as set, and no one can tell you are not home.

On the other hand, you can become more creative with a television simulator. This is an interesting innovation that will help in securing your home.

The simulator emits light patterns and varying colors to mimic a Television screen. A person on the outside will think you are watching TV.

Do Not Ignore Defective Locks

Perhaps you think that the lock at the back door is not as important as the front door one. These are both entry points that thieves can use to get into the house.

If any of the locks are defective, call a locksmith immediately. It is better to be safe than have to deal with the loss of valuables.

Procrastinating on when it should be repaired or replaced is a risk you cannot afford to take. With locksmiths, they are available round the clock for your convenience.

Have All the Locks Inspected and Serviced Regularly

A locksmith is not only useful when you have a lockout problem. They are useful in the maintenance and replacement of locks.

A problem could be on the horizon but can only be identified by an expert. That is the reason the locks should be inspected regularly.

Faulty locks should be repaired, outdated ones upgraded, while others should be replaced. This includes those on the doors, gates, windows, garages, and sheds.

Keep the Ladders in the Shed

This may sound irrelevant but it is very important. Outdoor items could be used by intruders to access the house.

For example, your house was just painted and there is a ladder outside. It seems to be in the right place. After all, it is not an obstruction.

A burglar may use it to climb into the house. They can use it to access a high window or even the first floor, and probably the locks there are of a lower grade.

The garage or shed is the best place to keep outdoor items. Also, make sure the lock is in good condition.

Install Security Alarm Systems

Alarm systems have evolved to ones that you can control from a smartphone. Installing one in your home is an excellent deterrent to burglars.

With the many options available in the stores today, you must purchase an effective one. It must be practical if it is to enhance your home security.

It makes you feel better when you know you have secured your property. For an effective one, a professional locksmith should be involved.

Where to Find a Home Security Expert

Many people know locksmiths for taking care of their locks, but most of them go the extra mile and perform many other home security installations such as security systems and CCTV too.

Finding a locksmith nowadays is not as hard as it used to be decades ago. There are numerous sources where you can find reliable ones.

You can go to the internet and search for a highly rated Atlanta locksmith. Also, there are social media platforms, or talk to friends, and even walk into companies. Getting testimonials will guide you on your options.

Getting the right home security locksmith could be a challenge but with due diligence, it will not be.

In addition to finding qualified locksmiths, you can also make use of platforms like Security Explorer to find private security guards. Sites like this allow you to find the best security in your area because they partner with awesome security services in your geographic location. They can help you find armed security services, bank security, commercial security, private bodyguards, temporary security—and yes, residential security. Finding the right company for the job is crucial. So knowing where to look is actually half the battle. Finding the right home locksmith is important, but security can be extra insurance added on top of that. 

Why Home Security Should Not Be Taken Lightly

An experienced locksmith can attest that they deal with numerous break-in cases every month. They know what homeowners go through with attempted and successful break-ins.

It could have been triggered by visible valuables from the outside, defective locks, lack of an alarm system, or low standard locks.

You do not want to sail in the same boat and consulting a locksmith will help in preventing this. With their recommendations, you will feel safe even when you are away from home.


Whether you own a town or a country home, home security is essential. A break-in can happen regardless of the location.

There is a lot that you need to protect including lives and valuables. That is why locks should always be in good condition and they should be of the highest quality possible.

Even when the location seems to be relatively safe, you cannot take chances with your home. Have the locks inspected from time to time.

Your best bet will be a professional locksmith. Besides the recommendations that they give, they offer regular maintenance. They will upgrade and replace faulty locks.

When you are not sure of what more can be done to enhance security in your home, talk to an expert.

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