What Is the Easiest Sport for Adults and Children?

what is the easiest sport

Wondering what is the easiest sport that will help you stay active and healthy? While some sports are ideal for athletes and the youth, there are many easy ones that all can play.

Participating in sports is the best way to relieve stress, spend time with friends, and look after your health.

Every person should stay fit and engage in one form of sporting exercise or another. But learning certain sports can be difficult as they require proper skills or physique. Moreover, pregnant women, seniors, and people with various sicknesses have restrictions on playing some sports.

So, what are some easy sports for beginners, busy people, and  ones who want to avoid heavy workouts?

Why is it important for people of all age groups to play sports?

Before knowing what is the easiest sport, you should understand why you need to take sports seriously. Sports form an integral element of a person’s personality. It has existed since the existence of humans. It has gone through evolutions and humans have invented new ones as well.

An outdoor or indoor sport won’t just re-energize your spirit but also get rid of stress. But it is not just a medium of relaxation.

Playing will inculcate a lot of values in you. Sports will contribute to your patience, mental peace, physical fitness, leadership skills, and team-building abilities.

So, no matter how hectic your schedule is, at least one sport should be a part of your daily curriculum.

What is the easiest sport and also cheapest?

Who says you have to be a born athlete to play sports?

There are at least 100 recognized sports played around the globe, and several of them are perfect for beginners.

Looking for some super easy sports to keep you engaged in your leisure time? Here are some simple options every first timer needs to consider:


Swimming, a sport that people can learn at any stage of their life, is an essential life skill. This extremely beneficial sport might save your life or someone else’s in an emergency.

It is also a prerequisite for joining certain jobs. As far as the health advantages are concerned, swimming is a great exercise for improving heart health. It burns sufficient calories to keep you in an attractive shape.

Swimming involves achieving locomotion when you are in the water. You have to move your legs and arms in coordination to save yourself from drowning.

It involves multiple strokes and styles like breast stroke, butterfly stroke, side stroke, back stroke, freestyle stroke, etc.

How many days do you need to acquire this skill?

Swimming is not at all challenging and most people can propel themselves after practicing for 3-4 days. 15 days are enough to learn basic diving and swimming.

So, when someone questions “What is the easiest sport?” – swimming is a common answer. If you wish to be a professional swimmer, you should join a reputed institute.

Equipment to carry

When you go swimming, you must have your costume (made of polyester/ spandex/ nylon). A swim cap is mandatory to prevent your hair from getting drenched. Swimming goggles will help you see things clearly and protect your eyes.


What is the easiest sport to play on a beach with your friends? A popular beach sport, volleyball is a superb team game.

It is an open-air game that people play on a big court that has a net. You will need 12 members (six on each side) to play it.

The objective of volleyball is throwing the ball over the large net and preventing it from dropping on the ground.

The first team to collect 21 points will win the match.

Looking for reasons to play volleyball? It builds muscle strength and stamina, communication, and cooperation skills.

The time needed for learning volleyball

The usual time most people take to learn volleyball is a month (if they play it two-three days every week).

If you want to be a competent volleyball player, proper training and dedicated practice are mandatory. The longer you play it, the better you will get at the game.

Must-have equipment

The standard dimension of a volleyball court is 18m x 9m and it should have a net. You will have to purchase a volleyball weighing 9-10 ounces and made of synthetic leather or leather.

what is the easiest sport


Badminton, a rewarding sport, is also one of the easiest sports to master. It requires a minimum of two players on either side of the badminton court.

This game is all about keeping your eyes on the shuttle cock and hitting it back and forth with your racquet. So, it will improve your concentration and tone the muscles of your legs and arms.

Wondering what is the easiest sport to go pro in? It is badminton. Your aim should be to hit the shuttle without dropping it.

You must hit it with some strength to ensure it goes over the net and lands in your rival’s court. Each time you drop the cock, your opponent gets a point. If you play badminton for 30 minutes, it will sufficiently pump up the oxygen levels in your body.

How fast can you learn it?

Badminton is one such sport that you should learn through consistent practice. Even professional players say there is no end to learning it. However, you can acquire the basic badminton skills within 2 weeks. If you want, you may join a coaching center to receive comprehensive training.

Equipment required

All you’ll need to play badminton are a set of racquets, one shuttle cock, and a court that has a net in the center.

what is the easiest sport


What is the easiest sport to learn? Cycling, an advantageous sport, will be useful for you in the long run.

It will strengthen immunity, increase productivity, lessen stress, and help you sleep and eat better.

Most people learn it in their childhood (unwillingly or willingly). Unfortunately, 90% of them stop cycling once they grow up.

Cycling is a healthy sport with immense benefits for the rider as well as the environment.

You have to put your feet on both paddles, paddle simultaneously, maintain balance, and keep moving forward.

So, what are your thoughts about this stress-free, environment-friendly sport?

The time needed to learn

How much time one takes to learn to cycle properly depends on the person’s stamina. Most teenagers learn it within an hour or two, but some struggle with it for weeks.

Don’t give up as your speed, pace, and the distance covered will increase when you practice consistently.

Equipment to buy

You will require a cycle, a helmet, sports shoes that promise a good grip, a water bottle, comfortable shorts and a jersey, and gloves (optional).

Table tennis

What is the easiest sport two people can play? Table tennis is a common indoor game that you can play in pairs.

Both players must keep hitting the small tennis ball with their racquets. There is a striking difference between table tennis and badminton.

In table tennis, the ball should drop once at your side of the table and then bounce over on the opponent’s side.

Table tennis is a game you can play in a limited space, and it strengthens your upper body. To be good at it, you should be mindful of the rules.

Be careful that the ball does not touch any body part of yours, or you’ll end up giving away a point.

Time required to be a seasoned tennis player

Table tennis is comparatively harder than badminton, swimming, and volleyball. So, you might need more time to learn it. Have dedication and patience and you’ll become a confident player within a month.

Necessary equipment

A table with appropriate dimensions (2.74m x 1.25m x 76 cm), a net, and a 40-mm ball are the top three things you’ll need.

Wooden tennis racquets are available in any sports store. Additionally, you can also wear good shoes for swift foot movement.

What is the easiest sport for pregnant women?

Daily exercise is important during pregnancy for the well-being of the mother and the baby in the womb. But if you have been into robust workouts before conceiving, your doctor will advise you to do easy exercises. However, that doesn’t mean you must sit idle or lie down all the time.

There are many fun activities for expecting moms like you. So, what is the easiest sport to learn when you are waiting for the arrival of your baby?


Going on a leisurely hike at a moderate pace can cause no harm to any person. So, doctors recommend hiking to pregnant ladies at all stages.

Just choose a scenic place in a natural setting to double the pleasure. You must carry sufficient water to keep your body hydrated. The best time of the day for hiking is the morning or the evening.

Paddle-boarding or swimming

Paddle-boarding or swimming are fun activities and one can do them with low-impact bodily movements.

You simply have to ensure that you are in calm waters with no waves. Instead of going alone, take your partner or a friend with you. Also, take frequent breaks to avoid breathlessness.

For both these sports, your gynecologist will offer the necessary guidance.

Prenatal yoga

Yoga’s benefits on a person’s mind, body, and soul are not unknown. And prenatal yoga does an excellent job of preparing a woman for childbirth.

There are many yoga asanas that are not just safe but also recommended to pregnant ladies. It will be a relaxing experience and will make your pregnancy easier. However, a hot yoga class is not suitable in this condition as your body will become overheated.

Lastly, there are many advantages of playing sports and exercising during pregnancy. The second trimester is the best phase to enjoy outdoor activities and travel.

You will stay positive, feel energetic, have fewer complications, and recover fast after the delivery. But you should still consult your doctor before engaging in any type of physical activity.

What is the easiest sport in the world?

Running is the easiest and the most accessible sport. You will need no equipment or companion to run.

There is no limit to how many kilometers you can cover in a day. You get to decide your pace and set achievable targets. However, you must stop if you feel unwell.

If doing it alone seems monotonous, you can join a running group in your locality. Wearing running shoes will make you a better runner and stop you from falling.

What is the easiest sport? Spikeball is another game that a lot of people love to play. It involves catching a ball bouncing off a trampoline.

It is a team sport and at least two players will be necessary. Senior citizens should refrain from playing this game. Now it is for you to decide what sport you want to play.

Final Thoughts

So, of all the mind-blowing sports listed above, what is the easiest sport for you? The kind of sport a person plays depends on his/ her personal choice.

When you choose the right one, you won’t feel burdened to do it. Instead, you will look forward to playing and it will be the best part of your day. So, start playing if you want to meet a fitter and happier version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which sports are easiest to learn?

While some sports can be challenging for non-athletes, there are many easy-to-learn sports. So, if you have less time and you want to learn a sport quickly, consider cycling, running, badminton, swimming, or volleyball.

2. What is the easiest girl sport?

Girls can play any sport they want as long as they are physically strong. Basketball, swimming, table tennis, and volleyball are some easy sports that girls can play. These sports are equally popular among boys.

3. Which is the hardest sport to play?

As per professional sportsmen, the world’s hardest sports are soccer, rugby, water polo, American football, ice hockey, wrestling, martial arts, basketball, boxing, and gymnastics.

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