What to do when my air conditioning breaks in the summer

Aren’t the sun rays the worst thing about summer? Well, can you guess what can be worse than that? Returning home with the expectation of chilling under the relaxing air of the air conditioner, but only to find it broken. That indeed hurts, right?


A broken air conditioner during the hottest days in summer can turn your house into a sauna. Neither do you want to go out in the scorching rays of the sun, nor are you able to relax at home? A frustrating situation indeed.


This situation can make your house muggy and hot and you sweaty, irritated and exhausted. Sometimes you will even want to spend your days in a hotel, but that will only take a toll on your account, which you will hate.


But, no worries when you have us. Why suffer when you have ways out? To avoid sitting at home and suffering from scorching sun rays, why not call an expert and get it fixed? Getting it fixed by a professional may take some time, but we have alternatives to that “wait” even.


Let us dwell on some survival fits you can apply if your air conditioner breaks in the summer. Keep following!


It’s time that you need to lower the shades!


Sometimes, people enjoy the company of the sun’s warmth in their rooms. But, when that ray can literally burn through your skin, you may not like it! But, when the sun’s glare comes through your window, it creates a greenhouse effect within the boundaries of your house. Thus, it is something that you should avoid.


And hence, stop doing that and lower your drapes already! This is because, when you are letting the sun’s rays inside the house through your glass window, as the day proceeds, the temperature inside your house keeps on rising, giving you relief.


So, when you find such an unbelievable happening like that, all you need to do is lower your drapes. Trust us when we say that, to some extent, it will help you fight the crazy rays of the sun. Thus, with the lack of warmth and light, you can keep the temperature inside your house cooler.


Moreover, remember to keep the colours of the drapes light, not dark. You can also keep your windows closed, but that is an option. Although, sometimes, many people are of the opinion that open windows do very little to keep the warm air from entering your house. And also does very little to keep the inside of the house full of breeze, away from stuffed air.


Make sure that your windows are open at night!


As we all know that during the nighttime, the temperature is always lower compared to during the daytime. And you can take advantage of such a geographical change to keep your house cooler. During the day, keeping your windows closed is reasonable; at night, keeping them open is reasonable too.


This is because, with the gradual decrease of temperature at night, you can allow the cool air to flow inside your house, thereby creating a cooler aura inside the atmosphere of your house. You are letting all the stuffed warm air inside your house out and letting the cooler breeze in.


Repeating this cycle will help you combat the summer when your ac is broken, and make sure you close your windows again in the morning.


Are you a creator? Do not forget to manufacture a makeshift air conditioner!


You are probably wondering what a makeshift air conditioner is and if you are even eligible or not. Well, to keep aside everything, let us help you discover what we are hinting at. Here, we are indicating the creation of a fan and a personal air conditioner with ice, more like a cooler. Take a look at the process!


First, you need to gather a number of mixing bowls. Fill them with ice. Then, switch on the table fan and keep those bowls filled with ice in front of it. Do you feel something? Isn’t that cool breeze? Well, wait for the explanation.


When the hot air was blowing from the fan, the ice kept in front of the fan started to melt. With the melting of the ice, you get cold air which acts like a refrigerant, thereby cooling the air blown by the table fan.


Next, all you have to do is sit and breathe some air of relaxation until your air conditioner is getting fixed again. Well, maybe for some time, at least you are getting relief with your broken ac.


The counter of the ceiling fans is to be turned clockwise!


Well, that is a bit confusing, isn’t it? Well, let us give you a clearer view. Ceiling fans are meant to move clockwise, right? This draws the air towards the people who are sitting underneath it. While you think that your ceiling fan is doing a great job providing you with a cool breeze, truth be told, it is just providing you with warm air.


Cooler air seems to sink naturally. This is where the objective of an anticlockwise counter of ceiling fans comes in. When a ceiling fan rotates anticlockwise, it will help draw the cool air from the bottom and let it disperse into the room.


Now, the question is if you would be able to divert the moving direction of the ceiling fan. Well, it is easy. You just need to look at the blades’ mounting fixture. You will be able to find a switch, and by pressing it, you will be able to change the fan’s rotation!


Concluding Thoughts!


With your air conditioner being broken down, we can feel the pain. But, don’t worry, these tips are surely going to work. Try them out when in need. If you are a resident of Fayetteville, then worry not. (https://laserdocmd.com/) Air conditioning repair in Fayetteville has always taken place in the excellent hands of Air Pro. We have heard about them doing a great job, so we suggest you visit them too!

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