What Would Be The Job Profile OF SSC GD In Different Departments?

Job Profile OF SSC GD In Different Departments

Do you want to be in the Indian Police Forces? What Would Be The Job Profile OF SSC GD In Different Departments? You need to prepare for the SSC GD exam. Yes, it is a quite competitive exam and a ray of hope for the aspirants who are supposed to be an SSC GD Constable. This exam is organized to find out the eligible candidates for different posts in different forces. You can apply for this exam if you have passed your class 10th exam. Do not think that this exam would be quite tricky since all you require is a sophisticated preparation strategy indeed. You just need to get into practice to pass this exam indeed.

To match the SSC GD Constabnle Cut off, you need to understand the entire syllabus and exam pattern in an ideal manner. A total number of three stages are introduced to get this exam cleared including CBT, Physical Efficiency Test, and DME. Here, it needs to mention that the SSC GD exam will be of a total of 100 marks.

This job post is quite popular among the aspirants since the candidate would be receiving an ideal amount of salary. Therefore, it is also quite important to understand the different duties and responsibilities you would be having.

In the starting, you might be appointed as a guard/escort. You would be responsible to keep a close eye on different sorts of tasks as well as duties. You probably are getting cases regarding different sorts of investigations. Apart from it, the GD constable is also responsible to supervise in the context of tackling different sorts of tasks and duties in case SI and assistant SI are not there. You would be working under the supervision of SHO following their instructions.

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What Would Be The GD Constable Role In BSF –

You would be doing your duty to protect the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh Border. The GD constable will be there for promoting a sense of security among the people living adjacent to border areas. Moreover, the GD constable is also responsible for keeping you free from any sort of trans-border crimes. They are responsible for keeping a close eye over there that there would not be any entry or exit for the border. They also play a major role to not let smuggling happen. Apart from it, anti-infiltration duties are also performed. They also collect trans-border intelligence to create a safe environment for civilians.

What Would Be The GD Constable Role In ITBP –

            A GD constable will be responsible for ensuring the protection between India and China border. They also ensure sophisticated vigilance all around the northern borders indeed. They are also responsible for detecting as well as preventing all sorts of border violations. If you are hired on the job of being a GD constable, you also need to keep a close eye on all illegal immigration and trans-border smuggling. They would be imparting a sense of security for the people living around the borders.

What Would Be The GD Constable Role In CISF –

            You will be having in-charge of airport security following all sorts of commercial airports all around the country. Being a GD Constable, you will also be imparting security to different PSUs as well as other essential infrastructures. You may also be hired regarding the Delhi Metro security. GD Constables are also given the duty to protect different government infrastructure projects as well as industrial units. You will also be responsible to ensure the safety as well as security of industrial installations.

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What Would Be The Job Role OF GD Constable in CRPF –

You can also be assigned to keep a close eye to ensure internal security all around the country. GD Constable will also be responsible to ensure the security of VIPs during elections and so on.

What Would Be The Job Role Of GD Constable In Assam Rifles –

            GD constable would be responsible to impart aid to civil power during an emergency. Apart from it, you will also be responsible to impart medical assistance, communication as well as education. During the war, you would be working being a combat force to ensure security.

What Would Be The Job Role Of GD Constable In SSF –

            The unit is regarded as being quite responsible regarding the entry of secretariat premises and other areas too. A GD Constable will also be adhered to ensure the entry of vehicles along with the protection of government property.

Conclusion –

We hope that the shared information has inspired you a lot to stay determined towards your goal. Moreover, you will also be feeling quite proud of yourself.

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