A Useful Guide to Security Labels and Stickers

security evident label

Are you planning to invest in the Security evident label? These seals have become a cost-effective solution for many industries to put a stop to tampering with products. By applying such stickers, retailers make sure their goods arrive in a safe condition in the hands of customers, companies protect classified information, rental businesses prevent damage done to rental equipment, etc.

Nowadays, there are numerous online stores selling tamper evident labels, which provide a visual indicator of tampering. One can either entirely or partially remove the seal, but the residue will be visible in any case.

The following guide will introduce you to the types, uses, and benefits of the security evident label.


Given the increasing popularity of these seals, businesses are provided with a wide range of alternatives depending on their type of products. For instance, nonresidue void labels leave no residue on the product since the message is found on the sticker itself. The only way for individuals to notice tampering is by removing the seal, as no evidence is left on the surface. The non residue security labels are ideal for industries that use such seals frequently, thus requiring clean surfaces to apply as many of them as they need.

Moreover, this type is mainly used to check whether someone has tampered with a vehicle, computer, laptop, or ballot boxes. In the case of vehicles, the seal is supposed to leave no residue to prevent car paint from being damaged.

Residue void security labels leave a residue when removed from a surface in the form of a void message. These tamper-evident seals provide clear evidence that the product has been tampered with, which is useful in industries that need to make sure the products are safe in the hands of customers. Besides the word void, tamper-evident stickers can be tailored to show the name or logo of a particular company.

logo of a particular company

In addition, these security seals are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. They aren’t only applied to cardboard but also to other surfaces like glass. Tamper-evident labels are an excellent method to impede customers from tampering with products that have warranties, such as electronics. Once a customer removes the sticker, the warranty becomes void. Read more about the methodology of tamper-proofing.

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Ultimately, high-residue void labels are similar yet different when compared to residue seals. The former provide better security evident label as the amount of residue left on the surface cannot be eliminated easily like in the case of residue void stickers. The message is visible both on the product surface and the part of the label that got removed. Consequently, these seals are used in banking and governments, requiring an incredibly high level of security.


Security evident label are used in a multitude of industries, providing various levels of security depending on the objective of the companies. Businesses can choose between seals of a low, medium, or high risk, which offer the features they require.

For example, a security evident label is used to prevent vehicle access to cars that have been recently manufactured or held because of impoundment. By removing a seal from the door of the vehicle, the word void will appear on the sticker. As previously mentioned, the stickers used on vehicles should be nonresidue so as to prevent any damage done to the surface of the car.

prevent any damage done to the surface of the car.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry is known for using tamper-evident seals on medications, as these aren’t supposed to be tampered with before reaching customers. In case the packaging has been interfered with during shipping, the consumers will notice traces of residue.

Safety seals are also used in the field of laboratory testing to ensure no person has interfered with the samples. These stickers not only guarantee the safety of vials but allow laboratory technicians to identify them better.

Security evident label are particularly beneficial for protecting classified documents, which aren’t supposed to be seen by unauthorized individuals. The most effective way for organizations to ensure no one interferes with sensitive information is to apply safety seals to all documents containing classified data. The seals should be tamper-evident, as these provide the best evidence when it comes to tampering with sensitive information, including customer data or an organization strategy that isn’t supposed to be revealed. The following link, https://www.wikihow.com/Safeguard-Confidential-Legal-Information, includes some additional tips about safeguarding confidential legal information.

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Moreover, the airline industry benefits from the use of security evident label by applying such seals to products or areas that shouldn’t be accessed by passengers. Consequently, passengers would be prevented from gaining access to areas or cabinets, which could endanger the safety of everyone on the plane.

Benefits of using security labels

Customer protection is an important benefit of using safety seals by companies that sell products to consumers. Applying such a sticker on the product is a guarantee it hasn’t been tampered with, which is much appreciated by customers. Also, businesses use them for the purpose of theft reduction, particularly the models equipped with alarms, which prevent people from stealing items from stores.

Furthermore, businesses that rent any kind of equipment use safety seals to ensure clients haven’t interfered with the condition of the rented items. The same goes for manufacturers who provide a warranty on their products but wish to impede customers from compromising the warranty.

Using tamper-evident labels is also favorable in ensuring internal security, as valuable items might be stolen or interfered with by personnel, not only by outsiders. With the assistance of residue stickers, companies would immediately know if someone from the personnel has tampered with a document, which facilitates the process of identifying the culprit.

Tamper-evident labels are used by a myriad of companies for the purpose of complying with government regulations. For instance, the FDA recommended companies to use such stickers on food packaging. Additionally, businesses that sell oral hygiene products, contact lens solution, and cosmetic products in liquid form are obliged to use security stickers.

Final thoughts

Safety labels are the best way to prevent tampering.

It’s a worthwhile investment!

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