Where to Buy Bulk Hydrangea?

Where to Buy Bulk Hydrangea?

Hydrangeas are very popular because of their large beautiful flowers. Plus, they smell amazing! Recently, they are often used in wedding bouquets.

Large hydrangea heads are actually many small flowers grouped together. Small, star-shaped flowers grow along wooden stems and create a large form.

How to keep bulk hydrangeas fresh?

Hydrangeas are used in mono-bouquets and are also combined with other flowers such as roses, eustoma, orchids, and peonies. Hydrangeas are very popular in hat boxes. They can stay fresh in a vase for two or more weeks. It all depends on their stems to access the water and nutrients they need to continue flowering. Early wilting usually occurs when the stems begin to become clogged with bacteria and water minerals. Trim the stems so that they can fully absorb water and change the water in the vase more often to keep the flowers happy for as long as possible.

Hydrangeas in bulk are commonly found in shades of pink, blue, purple, and green. The hydrangea symbolism for each color is as follows:

  • Pink — love, sincere emotions.
  • Blue — forgiveness, regret.
  • White — purity and elegance.
  • Purple — abundance and wealth.

Where is the best place to buy wholesale hydrangeas?

Bulk hydrangea flowers must be ordered from a trusted online store that can deliver plants quickly. A big advantage is delivery directly from the farms. If you place an order in advance, you can get flowers that can stay fresh for a long time.

The FiftyFlowers online store meets all the above requirements. A large selection of different varieties of hydrangeas and a guarantee will allow you to choose the perfect gift or decoration for an event at the lowest prices.

If desired, you can collect your own bouquet with flowers and herbs.

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