Why Should You Become a Freelancer?

become a freelance

Freelancing has always been under the ‘odd jobs’ list when you had to select your profession. However, more and more people are realizing the fact that it is a credible job like any other. Yes, it is difficult to take loans without a definitive income. But if you treat it like self-employment or have an identity as a solo entrepreneur, it will give you the best benefits. Here, we will tell why you should become a freelancer even if it means taking the leap of faith.

Reasons to become a freelancer

If you have a skill that sells and you’re good enough to do it all by yourself, freelance jobs can really work for you. Find out all the reasons why you should try your hands-on freelance websites:

1. Convenient

Freelancing is convenient for most people who are looking forward to having the comfort of their own workspace. You might set up a room inside your home as your workspace. You not only save on travel cost but you also have your own comfort.

Many people start freelancing because they need such convenience – it sure is risky to not have work experience certified from companies. But the people who continue doing this persistently, realize that it is one of the best decisions they made.

2. Time

Many people want to know, “how to start freelancing work” because they have some extra time to put into work. For example, you can be a marketing official during the day and a graphic designer at night. You might want to know how you can put two extra hours of your day into another job. It lets you live your passion and also helps you earn a few extra bucks.

Many people also become a freelancer because they have other things to dedicate their time to. If you’re a college student who wants to earn pocket money but also have to study, you can dedicate 3-4 hours on freelancing. This way you can make the best use of your time and balance two things together.

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There are many working parents who start freelancing only to have a work-life balance. It could be the mother or the father quitting jobs and starting something from home to take care of the child.

3. Focus

Many people cannot work amidst other people, due to a constant distraction. If you’re a writer, you might want to become a freelancer only because you want to work alone. Any form of distraction can create a writer’s block and you wouldn’t get back at work the way you should.

Even work like art and design needs a lot of care and precision. You need a lot of focus to pull off such kinds of tasks and will rather look for freelance jobs online.

4. No one bossing over you

Freelancers have clients and not bosses telling you what you should do or shouldn’t all the time. You get a briefing on the way you’re supposed to work but not hear judgemental comments from the office atmosphere. If you are willing to be a content writer then word counter is the best tool to count your content.

People love the liberty of becoming their own boss and choosing what to do and what not to. They like to talk to likeminded people who plan to get things done and not complain about what you did wrong.

Clients are definitely important and so is their requirements. But they don’t give you unnecessary remarks or burden you with office ethics.

5. Your experience matters

If you have been working on a specific skill for years, you will have a great experience. For example, if you’ve been a freelance photographer for 5 years, you could charge $500 for a day’s shoot or more.

What kind of work you’ve done and the people you’ve worked with will matter. You don’t have to show them papers of work experience but portfolios and ideas to show what your work looks like.

It is false if people tell you that freelancing years don’t count. It does count and is equally important to get more clients or a desk-job.

6. Save time and money

If you look at the traffic condition in most metropolitan cities, you’d know why more and more people want to become a freelancer. People spend an average of two hours on the road while going and coming back from work. If you add that span of time to your working hours, you work more than 10 hours a day.

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If you can work from home, you will save both time and commuting costs. This is one aspect of freelancing that always keeps you on the receiving end.

7. You can travel more

As a millennial, you know how much travel means to all of us. There will only be a handful of people who don’t want to travel the world. Many people search ‘how to become a freelancer online’ so that they can travel while working.

Freelancing helps you be at any part of the world and still get your job done. It is a smart way to fulfil the dream of having a job and traveling too.

8. Lets you take up the risk

A desk job can confirm a $5,000 salary that reaches you on the 1st of the month. But freelancing can help you earn much more if you’re ready to take the risk.

Freelancing depends on how much you earn per hour and not in a month. If you take up hourly jobs, you can make a minimum of $30 per hour and earn $240 by working for eight hours. If you work for 20 days, you make $4,800. On one end you save commuting cost and on the other you can work on weekends to earn more.

Freelancing can pay you a lot more when you have the right amount of skill and experience. There are people who earn $50 to $100 per hour and make money from what they’re passionate about.

Final thoughts

Freelancing helps you follow your passion and lets you make money from what you do best. From giving guitar lessons online to writing an e-book, freelancing helps you earn and also be happy with what you do.

There are millions of people who don’t do what they love or have fear to take the leap of faith. You can always fail but if you are persistent, freelancing can be your full-time job.

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