5 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Own Animation Character (Full Guide)

Regardless of the age group you belong to, animated characters will catch your attention in no time. Whether you are watching an animated movie or just cartoons, the details of the animated characters do play a key role in delivering the vibe required.

Creating animated characters sounds like a very tough job. But, what if I tell you that you can also create all kinds of animated characters in just a few hours and with zero capital or guidance? Well, the magical word here is the animation maker. There are certain animakers online and one such that we swear by is Doratoon that can help you design your personal character.

It is a free animation video maker and offers several features to help you create your own characters. All you have to do is signup and you can start working on the character by utilizing the provided features. But, how to make your character fun and engaging for the audience? Let me walk you through our expert-approved tips and tricks on making your animated character stand out!

5 Tips To Make Your Animated Character Stand Out

Making animated characters is not hard. However, differentiating your characters from mainstream work is for sure a challenging task. So, what can you do to make your characters different and customized? Let’s find out!

  • Choose A Theme

Before starting work on your character, you should first choose a related theme. Make sure that your theme goes well with the storyline and characters and does not feel out of the place. For instance, if you want to use the character for an office presentation, it is good to keep the theme subtle and soft. Fortunately, Doratoon offers versatile themes for a variety of businesses including education, marketing, agencies, HR and entrepreneurship. 

  • Draw Your Character

When it comes to character building, Doratoon offers two options. You can either build your character from scratch or customize the smart characters to your desire and story. If you are drawing your own character, the intelligent drawing feature of Doratoon will aid you in that too. Here, when you draw a character, Al suggests shapes that can be used further make your character better.

Therefore, with the use of these features, character-building becomes quite easy and fun. Moreover, you can also customize the expressions of your characters and give them each a special feature.

  • Build A Storyline

A storyline is what will bring life to your online animation and help you differentiate them from mainstream work. Therefore, once you build a character, build a storyline for it too. Moreover, give a different storyline to each character and then link them all.

Apart from this, it is also good to give your character the makeover and expressions that are complementary to their storyline. For instance, for a funny character, you can use an unconventional color pellet for their clothes or make them laugh differently.

Lastly, make sure that the expressions of one character differ from the other.

  • Write A Script

Scripting your characters is a good way to go. Once you have made character sketches and a storyline, move on to writing a character script. For each one, write a different script linking it to the main storyline. Lastly, link them all together in such a way that it all sounds natural.

When writing the script, you should keep the character sketch, background, and theme in mind and design it accordingly.

  • Use Text To Speech Option

If you use Doratoon for creating your animated character, it offers the feature of text-to-speech. With this option, all you have to do is type your text and it will be converted to speech. Hence, you can give your personal touch to your character and then use them accordingly.

How Can Doratoon Make Your Animated Characters Stand out?

Doratoon is a powerful animation tool that enables users to create engaging and compelling animated characters. There are several ways that Doratoon can make your characters unique:

Unique Design: Doratoon offers versatile designs to create custom character designs that are unique and visually striking.

Expressive Animation: It helps you to bring characters to life with expressive and believable movements.

Detailed Facial Expressions: It can help you to create detailed facial expressions for your characters, allowing them to convey a wide range of emotions.

Dynamic Lighting: It allows you to use lighting techniques to make your characters stand out and enhance the overall visual appeal of your animation.


Using animated video makers to create animated characters is both a trendy and engaging concept. Regardless of the purpose, you can always create the characters you like and utilize them to market your brand or services in an engaging and effective manner.

Hence, explore the features of an animated video maker like Doratoon today and see how good you get at online animation creation.

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