A guide to travelling safely on UK roads


With a roadmap out of lockdown being set by the UK Government, many people will have started to put plans in place for a summer break. Although the nation has its fingers crossed that normality will be resumed in the coming months, many people are opting to plan for a holiday travelling in the UK, rather than booking a holiday abroad.

There’s no denying that a summer holiday in the UK will allow you to experience picturesque landscapes, pristine locations and the opportunity to create lasting memories, but it’s vital you remain as safe as possible when travelling on the country’s roads.

During the summer months, many Brits hit the roads to enjoy a staycation, but it’s important that you’re aware of any potentially dangerous routes you may encounter. LeaseCar UK have recently launched a campaign which looks in detail at the UK’s most dangerous roads and how we can all stay as safe as possible on them.

From London to Glasgow, where are some of the UK’s most dangerous roads?

The list of most dangerous roads was based on the number of casualties reported during a 12-month period. Once the data had been collated, it was discovered that the B576, Northamptonshire was announced as the UK’s most dangerous road, after a staggering 59 casualties were reported.

The Clydeside Expressway, Glasgow was placed in second position behind the B576, after 29 casualties were reported. And finally, the A5, Central Bedfordshire was named as the third most dangerous road in the UK, after 23 casualties were reported during a 12-month period.

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Consider these travelling tips to help you stay safe on the UK’s roads

Although you may consider yourself as a safe driver, not all road users will be as cautious as you are. To begin with, make sure you are keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you, as this will minimise your risk of a collision.

After browsing the table LeaseCar UK have published of the most dangerous roads in the UK, you’ll now be aware of them and able to avoid them. Before you set off, plan your route and see if you can take an alternative journey which misses out any dangerous roads or potential hazards.

One of the most common causes of road collisions is when a car and bike collide. Although both driver and cyclist need to be responsible and understand the rules of the road, it’s important that drivers double check their mirrors and surroundings when turning or approaching a junction. This will reduce the risk of a cyclist being knocked off their bike and either party being injured.

We’d like to know if you’ve been a victim of one of the roads published by LeaseCar UK and if you have any tips yourself. Share them on social, using #UKDangerousDrives.


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