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Swiss chronograph watches are perhaps the finest chronograph watches in the world. At Hamilton, they helped advance the first automatic chronograph movement in 1969, and they are incredibly proud of that chronograph feature. Since vintage chronograph watches are best-selling, they have designed and manufactured timepieces for men and women.

For the benefit of the not so techy, a chronograph is a particular type of watch that, together with a display watch, is used as a stopwatch. A simple chronograph has an independent second-hand sweep and a minute sub-dial; by successive pressure on the stem, it can be started, stopped, and returned to zero. Here are some of their best chronograph watches.

Option 1: Ventura Hamilton Chrono in White Dial Quartz Watch for Ladies

Introduced in 1957, the Hamilton chronograph watches is the world’s first mechanical, battery operated watch. It rapidly became an icon and a collector’s item with its daring and distinctive style. The Ventura Chrono now is a faithful homage to the original and showcases a sporty chronograph model with a groundbreaking shield inspired by Mid-Century Modern Style.

It comes in silver-tone stainless steel, a white dial, and index markers with dauphine-style shaped paws with a black leather calfskin case bracelet. It features a date indicator and chronograph subdials at the 4 o’clock location. It is undoubtedly a collector’s piece, constructed and crafted with a daring and distinct from—a contemporary, sporty timepiece.

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Option 2: Jazzmaster Automatic Chrono Watch for Men

 The Jazzmaster Auto Chrono is a watch that dances to its own drum’s beat, readily adapts to the rhythms of modern living. For the clean lines and gentle curves, the H-21 is housed with its 60 hours of power reserve for those who enjoy tradition but admire creativity and yet well-suited for casual wear.

H32586141 is a timepiece that exudes trust and strength as it comes with a bracelet and a stainless steel case. It has a blue inner dial like a shiny aqua blue and has sub-dials of darker blue that accentuate the whole sentry and look desirable and attention-worthy. Its sapphire crystal cover is resistant to scratches and promises longevity and a long lifetime.

Option 3: Khaki Aviation Chrono watch for Men

 The Khaki Pilot Pioneer is inspired by military aviation in the 1970s, inclined by tradition but motivated by creativity. A genuinely new, precise movement ensures that the Khaki Chrono lives up to the dependability promised by its military aviation origins. This watch can be worn on various occasions, casual or formal.

A conventional perspective and creativity move H76522131. This watch is a precise moving sentry that comes in a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal finish. It also has two sub-dials with seconds and minutes shown. Even in the dark, the user can monitor time since its markers  and hands are luminescent. It is also water resistant making it a great watch to invest with.

Option 4: Jazzmaster Automatic Chrono watch in the silver dial for Men

 H32586111 is another trendy men’s watch from the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono line that dances to its drumbeat, readily adapting to modern living rhythms. In a case of gentle curves and clean lines, the H-21 is housed with its 60 hours of power reserve for those who enjoy tradition but admire creativity.

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This timepiece has an overall silver look yet comes in a stainless steel case and bracelet with luminous rose gold-tone index hour markers and hands. For a more classy look by the minute, markers are on the outer rim. There is a date along with three other sub-dials present at the 4 o’clock location. These dials reflect hours, seconds and minutes, and have a 60-hour reserve.

Option 5: Jazzmaster Quartz Hamilton Chrono Watch for Men

 The Jazzmaster Chrono Quartz is all you need when you want a typical watch suitable on any occasion, but the heart craves for something eye-catching and gives you a sporty feel. A stainless steel bracelet and fixed silver-tone bezel come with a complete stainless steel look. This is also well-suited for casual wear.

This Jazzmaster men’s wristwatch is indeed another exquisite item on the market as the minute markers on the outer rim offer a modern touch to this sentry. Even though the dial on this timepiece is also silver in color, there is a chocolate brown accent on the sub-dials, making it even suitable for special occasions.


Hamilton has always been committed to quality and reliability, including their chronographs. Pocket watches and wristwatches. Some of their most famous collections for both men and women may be for sale today, along with many unisex models. Browse through if you are looking for reputable Hamilton chronograph watches.

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