Brandi Passante Net Worth

Brandi Passante Net Worth

Brandi Passante is a well-known American TV personality and entrepreneur who rose to prominence on the A&E reality program “Storage Wars,” which follows a group of purchasers who bid on abandoned storage lockers to discover valuable goods to resale at a profit. Since becoming a fan favourite on the program, Passante has become one of the most well-known figures in the storage auction sector because of her no-nonsense approach and clever purchasing talents. This essay will examine Brandi Passante net worth and the factors that contributed to her success in building it.

Brandi Passante net worth

According to estimates, Brandi Passante net worth was $2 million in 2022. In addition, her spouse and her reality program, Brandi & Jarrod, Married to the Job, bring in $15,000 every episode.

Brandi Passante Net Worth

It’s said that the American celebrity makes between $30,000 and $15,000. However, this actress relies heavily on her company, television series, and reality program for financial support.


In Harris County, Texas, the United States, in 1980, Brandi Passante was born. As an adolescent, she uprooted and settled in Orange County, California.

Brandi’s first Work out of high school was at a carpet cleaning service. While employed there, she met her future husband, Jarrod Schulz. After falling in love, the two decided to open their secondhand shop. In Orange County, California, a shop called “Now and Then Second Hand Shop” has opened.


In 1999, Brandi started her working life as a carpet cleaner.

In Orange, California, she and her future husband Jarrod Schulz opened their first store, Now and Then.

Growing up, Brandi Passante never considered a career in reality television.

The reality was that she had always wanted to work in the kitchen.

Yet Schulz listened to her mother’s advice and entered the reality TV industry, where she succeeded.

Pass I started her on reality TV when she competed in Storage Wars to win some money to stock her store with valuable goods.

The presentation auctioned storage lockers’ unpaid rent for at least three months.

When Passante initially appeared on the program, she made a name for herself as a savvy bidder.

Since then, Brandi has made an appearance.

As a direct consequence of her participation in the program, she and her husband have been offered starring roles in their reality TV series, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Work.

Storage Wars

When his aunt suggested he tries his hand at storage auctions, Jarrod and his wife Brandi set up a shop in Orange County, California, under Now and Then Second Hand Shop. After witnessing Passante at the store, “Storage Wars” cast both Schulz and Passante.

She made up for what Passante lacked in financial resources in scrappiness and surprised the show’s viewers with her no-nonsense bidding manner. Unfortunately, Brandi and Jarrod were initially presented as the hunters with the lowest financial resources.

Brandi Passante Net Worth

Passante and Schulz were allowed to mature into powerhouses as the program gained popularity. Brandi and Jarrod opened a second Now and Then facility in Long Beach, California, during “Storage Wars” season four in 2013. However, the shop shuttered in 2014. The first Orange County store, owned by Passante and Schulz, was shut down in 2016.

Donations and Support from the Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante, an advocate for women’s empowerment and their families, took the helm of the annual “Women Own Value” charity event in 2019. Brandi managed to collect a whopping $100,000 for the benefit. In addition, Brandi Passante opened her vintage shop called “Now and Then.”

Rumours and controversy surround Brandi Passante.

In 2011, Hunter Tyler Moore, the man behind the revenge porn site lsAnyone Up, threatened to release explicit images and videos of Brandi.

She claimed complete ignorance of the photo incident. She then claimed that the photographs and videos were fraudulent and that she was not in them. As a result, she sued for actual and exemplary damages totalling $2.5 million against him. The judge ruled that Moore was responsible for what happened.

It was said that Brandi and her husband knew the program Storage Wars was rigged.

Brandi Passante’s Private Matters

Cameron and Payton are the couple’s children. In 1999, Brandi met Jarrod Schult via a mutual acquaintance while working for a carpet cleaning company.

Brandi Passante recently interviewed The Dad Diary through Facebook, discussing the two-year separation she and Jarrod Schulz went through. She said that she and Schulz broke up just before Season 12 of “Storage Wars” launched in November 2018.


The business partners cum were not ready to put in the time and effort required by their sudden rise to fame. Brandi went from being a stay-at-home mum with a part-time job to a full-time worker.

The reality star’s schedule was packed with early mornings and lengthy car rides to several filming sites.

Brandi and Jarrod learned that sharing every waking hour has drawbacks, especially when balancing personal and professional lives.


Where did Brandi and Jarrod go on Season 6 of Storage Wars?

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante split up during the sabbatical, although they kept it a secret until early 2021. Brandi and Jarrod criticized each other during the shooting.

Was $7.5 million discovered by Jarrod and Brandi?

A storage unit’s sale yielded $7.4 million in hard currency. Dan Dotson claims that the buyer of a $500 unit sold by American Auctioneers at a charity event contacted him on a day when filming wasn’t happening.

Which company is Brandi Passante, an owner of?

When his aunt suggested he tries his hand at storage auctions, Jarrod and his wife Brandi set up a shop in Orange County, California, under Now and Then Second Hand Shop.

In conclusion

Brandi Passante has amassed a net worth of roughly $2 million because of her time spent on “Storage Wars” and the success of her businesses. Passante’s charisma and commercial acumen ensure that she will continue to rise to prominence in the world of show business.


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