DIY Clothing Ideas for Winters and The Holiday Season

diy clothing ideas

The definition of being trendy and fashionable is not just about buying expensive clothes. The best way to blend your creativity with the latest fashion trends is to come up with fantastic DIY clothing ideas. Style is a broad concept, and fashion is closely linked to that. The best way to express fashion is to maintain your style and can help you so much. So, start reusing this winter and become an eco-friendly fashionista. How you can do that is simple.

Just take a look at your old clothes and find out which ones you can reuse to make something trendier. If you find a dress that you cannot even reuse, you can at least get the laces and embellishments out of it to reuse them. DIY clothing ideas do not happen instantly. It is a constant process of trying to create new things.

What is best is you do not have to make clothes out of old clothes necessarily. You can make anything such as house slippers, sweater boots, beaded sweaters, beanies, headbands, and so on. The winters of this year sound fun already, right? So, why not start the preparations now!

The best winter DIY clothing ideas for you

Check out the following for some great DIY clothes tutorials that are easy and useful both.

1. DIY house slippers

So, ladies, are you thinking of how to keep your feet warm? Well, of course, you need a pair of super-comfortable sandals for that. We will teach you how to make house slippers, that too out of your old clothes.


  1. You need lining fabrics that can be cut out from any old piece of clothing. Along with that, you will require ¼ elastic and a pair of cut-outs made of hard cloth.
  2. Now cut out the solid cloth pieces according to the size of your feet. Now roll down the lining cloth to cover the sides of the hard material.
  3. Insert elastic into the sides and glue them properly.

What you finally get is a pair of round and soft house slippers to protect you from the cold.

2. DIY clothing ideas for sweater boots

Sweater boots have never been out of trend, and they keep you so much warmer during the winters. Have you ever thought of making one at home using your old sweater? If not, now is the time you can learn how you can do it.


  1. You will require a pair of cheap, flat shoes, and a sweater with bulky, big sleeves. Along with that, you need a glue gun, scissors, cutaway stabilizer, thread and needle, water-soluble stabilizer, embellishment buttons, embroidery designs, and so on.
  2. The first step is to cut off the sleeves of the sweater from the point where it is stitched. Remember, you will need two tubes for the boots, and they better be long enough! You can keep the rest of the sweater away.
  3. Now, cut out the material in the shape of a boot. Next, you take one sleeve at a time and turn it inside out and wear it along your foot till the calf. Make sure you are keeping the cut portion towards the foot, and the standard sleeve opening towards the calf.
  4. So, you have an idea of the measurements. Now, you need to pull the cut-out sides together and pin them up so that you do not lose grip.
  5. Now, stick the cut-outs together to the edges of the boot base, and make sure nothing sticks out.

It sounds complicated, but once you start to make this, it will not look so complicated. Moreover, you can boast of a pair of DIY boots that are unique and trendy too.

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3. DIY clothes tutorials for sweater makeovers

DIY clothing ideas need not always be difficult and complicated, such as this one. In this, you are not going to create a different piece of cloth, but give a makeover to one that you have stopped wearing. As you know, DIY clothes 2019 are trending at the moment, and here we have another one for you.


  1. You need needles, crotchet wool, laces, and any other embellishment that you wish to add to your sweater.
  2. Start with sketching a very light pattern or design near the chest part of the sweater. You can now start knitting over the sketch by using colorful wool.
  3. If you do not know much about crotchet designs and knitting, you can just pattern up to your sweater with some pretty ribbons and laces for a better look.

So, what you have come up with is a brand-new sweater without even purchasing one. Now you know why you need a few DIY cloth hacks always up to your sleeves.

4. Studded beanies

When you want to take your DIY clothing ideas to the next level, modifying beanies can be a great idea. These small pieces of winter accessories make all the girls look super cute and help you to keep warm too. Have you ever thought of modifying the look of one of these beanies that have been lying in that corner of your wardrobe? Well, that is easily possible with DIY clothing ideas. Take a look at the simple process of transforming your cute beanies for the next time you go out for a party and think that you do not have appropriate winter clothes.


  1. You will need a few simple objects such as needle and thread, scissors, sequins, embellishments, decorative stones, and so on.
  2. Just take the beanie and give it a broad fold from the bottom to form an uplifting pattern.
  3. Take the sequins and decorations and decide on a beautiful pattern. Now arrange the stones and bead on top to form the design.
  4. Stich them to the beanie to make it look like an embellished headgear.

Now, you have beanies that you can wear any type of occasion. You can replace the beads and sequins with laces and ribbons for more casual affairs.

5. DIY clothing ideas for winter hats

Another way to modify beanies and caps but in a more relaxed style. It is for occasions such as a day out with friends or when you go to school on a chilly winter morning. Moreover, you can just put on a warm and soft jumper with matching caps to sport a cute look. The best part is you can create such fantastic looks in a jiffy! They will save you money because you are not getting the new ones. Also, you are designing your accessories according to the looks that you want with the simplest of things.


  1. Take any old cap that you want to modify and just pin up badges and smileys for a cute look. That’s it! You are done!

There is another way if you want proper DIY caps. For that:

  1. An old sweater, thread and needles, and other stitching supplies.
  2. Cut off the sleeves of the sweater. Now stretch it to spread around your head.
  3. Now cut out the sleeve according to the size of your head.
  4. From the booth part, fold up a little to give it an authentic look.
  5. You can further add embellishments or embroideries to make it look prettier.

So, here you have winter caps two ways that come along with DIY clothes tutorials for better understanding. Now you will know how simple DIY cloth hacks are.

6. DIY clothing ideas to style your sweater

Styling your old shirts are one of the most impressive DIY projects, and you can get ready because it is undoubtedly going to become your hobby. Also, you can achieve the most beautiful looks by just adding the simplest objects. Check out the instruction below to get the ultimate sweater look.


  1. You will require beads, pom-poms, glue-gun, studs, stitching stationery, old sweaters, and so on.
  2. Choose your favorite colors that you have stopped wearing because they look old.
  3. Arrange the studs and beads according to the pattern you want on your sweater.
  4. Now, just glue them up or stitch them properly to get the outcome.
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The best part about DIY clothing ideas such as this is that you almost get brand-new things without having to buy one. Also, no one is going to understand that you are wearing an old sweater.

7. Sweater makeover

You will now learn how you can give the ultimate makeover to your old sweatshirt. Without wasting further time, just take a look at the following instruction.


  1. You will need a sweater, sewing supplies, iron, fabric marker. Tailor’s chalk, and more.
  2. Take the sweater and simply fold it into a half. Be sure that the collar, hem, and sleeves all lie symmetrically.
  3. With the help of a rotary ruler, mark the center of the sweater with the tailor’s chalk.
  4. Now, open up the fold and check whether you got the marking right at the center or not.
  5. Cut evenly through the mark and make sure you maintain the centerline.
  6. Since the cut edges will become a bit curly, you must shave them properly so that they become even.
  7. Now press the on-take iron right on the edges on either side of the open section.
  8. Next, you have to peel off the paper so that the adhesive remains between the open edges of the newly made cardigan. Stick them and stitch any rough edges.
  9. Make sure you are not stitching through the collar portion too.

There you get a brand-new sweater that looks different. The secret that you do not have to share with your friends is that you made it all by yourself at home.

8. Warmer headband

Talking about DIY clothes tutorials, why not learn how to make headbands. You can make them pop colors of your choice. It is effortless to make these, and so you can make more than one.


  1. You need nothing but the soft, cushion-like cloth in your favorite colors and sewing supplies.
  2. First, decide the width of the band and divide the cloth accordingly.
  3. Now, wrap one band around your head and ears to measure the length.
  4. Now lay one band on top of the other and stitch both together evenly.

It is just so easy to make these. You can, therefore, make a few in different colors to match with your outfits.

9. Boot socks

Another easy DIY clothing idea that you can make in no time. The instructions will explain it all to you.


  1. All you need is a comparatively loose sweater, elastic and sewing supplies such as scissors, needle, thread, and so on.
  2. Cut off the sleeves of the sweater. It must be a little loose because you have to pull it over your knees and thighs.
  3. Measure the length and cut off the extra part from the sleeve.
  4. Now put in elastic around the edge, roll and stitch properly.

There you have your comfortable booth socks to keep you warm and give you a trendy look throughout this winter.

10. Mittens multiple ways

Gloves are one of the cutest accessories that you can sport during the chilly season, and we will give you some of the best ideas to provide them with a new look. You can either get half mittens or the lacy ones. There are so many ways in which you can modify them.


  1. For the half-mittens, you will require an old pair of mittens and scissors. That’s it! You will just have to cut off half the finger portions of the gloves, and there you have trendier ones. You can also cover up to wear and tear of the old ones in this way.
  2. For the studded mittens, just follow the sweater modification techniques. You can stitch laces, studs, beads, and so much more to modify them.

Final thoughts

So, you must have enjoyed working out a little on your wardrobe before setting out the trends this winter? DIY clothing ideas are straight saviors when you want to do something creative and useful and at the same time.

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