Combat Boots Outfit for Perfect Winter Wear Ideas

combat boots outfit

Boots are a staple during wintertime, but not all of us know how to style them. Here, we will go through some of the classic and trending combat boots outfits to see what goes best with what.

Winters often make us repeat the kind of clothes we wear because we feel cold and protecting the body becomes mandatory. However, if you don’t want to start off with a dull 2020, you should start stacking up your wardrobe with clothes that suit your boots.

Combat boots outfit

From wearing a dress that gives you a cool-girl edge to wearing classic jackets, there are plenty of ways to style yourself. Check out some of the best ideas on combat boot outfits to add hotness to cold winter months:

1. The summer dress look

Right when winter is about to set in and you can still wear short dresses you got to style yourself with combat boots with a perfect summery dress. If you think it isn’t the ideal combination, think about how different you’d look or even set trends with it. Be it to work or at a party, combining two things that are worn in different seasons might give you the look everyone was looking for. Combat boots go best with bodycon dresses that add definition to both the dress and the boots. Try it out and you won’t regret it for sure!

combat boots outfit
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2. Overcoats and boots

The first thing that comes to your mind when you style a dress is to keep it breezy. Most women choose comfort over style nowadays and add the right kind of accessories to make it look happening. How about going in for an oversized overcoat and match a pair of combat boots with it? To top that up, you can apply winged liner and carry your makeup essentials in a large leather bag.

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3. Camo pants with boots

Military pants go really well with boots and you got to try out this one. If you ride a bike or go hiking, your look will make people pause and take a look at you. All you need along with these two is a simple white tee. Keep your hair messy and wear minimal accessories to add the most attention to the lower portion of styling.

combat boots outfit
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4. Leather skirts

One of the classic winters looks is where you add lace stocking below a sheer black leather skirt. If you plan to go all black for a pre-Christmas party, this look can never go wrong. Just top it up with a turtleneck tee so that your curves are rightly visible. Lace stockings really blend well with combat boots. You don’t even need to accessorize yourself because it might look a little extra. Just know the right kind of makeup that is light and suit your face type.

5. Sequin skirt

Thanks to comeback of studio 54 costume ideas that have brought back the long-lost glam. Nowadays, sequins are trending in every form of clothing so why miss out when it comes to pairing it up with combat boots?

If you have a leather jacket but you don’t want to go plain for a party, just pair it up with a beautiful sequin skirt. You can wear a white silky blouse inside the jacket but let the skirt steal all the attention.

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6. Checkered dress

Don’t let blazers make your office wear look formal all the time. You must try a checkered dress that is not only formal but also goes well as a combat boots outfit. Many of us would want to wear a dress with sneakers, but that might not be office-appropriate. You must try the combination of these shoes with boots and you’re going to set trends all through the seasons.

7. Slipdress

If you’re used to wearing slip dresses with heels, it is time to switch over to combat boots. You need to combine slender and sleek slip dresses with this supportive pair of shoes to add style to your life. A plain dark blue shade can work and you can top that up with pinned hair. To make it look a little extra, add a dark red lip color.

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8. Skinny jeans and boots

You have probably tried this style already, but we had to add this here because it is just too good. A pair of denim with boots is a no-brainer and looks good with almost any footwear. But if you finish it off with a pair of nice combat boots, your style is going to stand apart even with the simplest of clothes.

Credit: Miss Pretty Pink

9. Matching separates

Matching separates have always been in trend, but they are risky style options to try. People really need to know what to wear and how to style when wearing similar prints for both top and bottom. If you want to go loud with vibrant colors, you can subtle it down with a nice pair of black boots.

10. Shorts and boots

Shorts give a lot of credit to the boots you wear because your bare legs exhibit them well. Boots and shorts have always been in style, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Credit: WhoWhatWear

11. Maxi dress

You might have never paired your maxi dresses with anything other than heels. It is time you try it out like a combat boots outfit and you wouldn’t regret it for sure. Maxi dresses can go well with wacky pairs of shoes, so be it sneakers or boots, you should give it a go. Also, a leather jacket can create the ultimate finish.

12. Athleisure

You might not think that athleisure pants can go with boots, but it is something new to try this winter. It will take your look to a new level and you can complete it off with a neat blazer.

Final thoughts

You can pair combat boots with almost anything you have in your wardrobe. You just have to make sure it gets the right definition to make the look stand out. Give space to make both the outfit and shoes look good, and you’re sorted all through winter 2019.

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