Everything to Know About Wine Gifting

Wine Gifting

To treat a friend on a holiday or their birthday, or to help a special couple celebrate an anniversary, a yummy bottle of wine gifting is a great option. If you know what they generally drink, be sure to add that favorite to the basket. Consider experimenting with the second bottle.

Think Local

If you have a winery nearby, consider adding a bottle of locally produced wine to the basket. If not, check out local bakeries and other treats. Pair up

  • their favorite
  • something special, like a Coppola
  • a local treat

Check out a local restaurant for a takeaway appetizer, such as fresh hummus or a cheese platter. Then check a wine gift guide for a crisp white or rose to add as a snack and sip wine. You’ve given your friend a bottle you’ll know they’ll enjoy and a special treat for another evening.

Look for Organics

Consider giving a loved one of the many wonderful organic wines available for sale and shipping in the United States. Wineries including Frog’s Leap and Horse and Plow offer plenty of organic options and you can have them shipped to home or office.

Give A Date Night!

If a special couple has invited you to celebrate their wedding anniversary, give them a gift to grow on. Put together a cheese basket, some organic crackers or a gift certificate to a local bakery with a bottle of Paul Dolan pinot noir or a Chacewater organic merlot.

A Word on Tannins

All grapes contain tannins, but reds contain more. Many people react poorly to tannins and avoid red wines. There are some who suffer from tannins who have an easier time of it with organic reds. If you know of someone who wants to try red wine but had a bad experience, such as a migraine, get a bottle of organic red to share.

Shipping Wines

One of the most fun activities you can enjoy while traveling is to visit local wineries. If you get to plan a trip to upstate New York, take a trip to one of the wonderful wineries in the area and enjoy a tasting. When you find something you like, buy one to take home and get a shipping form for gifts.

Should you find a local wine and want to send it to someone, consider having the winery ship the bottle to your friend to help them celebrate. Wine does tolerate some temperature changes, but wine bottles have some inherent fragility. Having a professional ship the bottle will protect it from risk. If not, make sure you package the bottle tightly from top and bottom to protect the stem of the bottle.

Even if your favorite travel companion can’t join you on your next adventure, you can treat them to wine from another region of the world. You can also give them a local organic or a new flavor that they might never have considered.

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