Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery and Things You Didn’t Know

Famke Janssen plastic surgery

Famke Janssen plastic surgery has made the actress absolutely unrecognizable and people are assuming that it is a major mistake. The ‘Bond girl’ went through a major facial transformation probably because she wanted a facelift, but it didn’t turn out to be the best decision for her.

Well, Famke is the only person who went absolutely unrecognizable after cosmetic surgery. Even though it was a personal choice we cannot deny her unmatched contribution to the world of cinema. Here, we will not only discuss one of the physical changes that made her appear different from her natural self but also know some of the things we didn’t.

Who is Famke Janssen?

Famke Beumer Janssen is a Dutch actress, screenwriter, director, and fashion model. She became famous due to her roles in GoldenEye, X-Men film series, Nip/Tuck, Taken film trilogy, and more.

The actress has been critically acclaimed due to her challenging roles and how she has stretched her acting abilities over the years. She has gone far for every role she signed for and they were always beyond comfort level.

Famke became the kind of women everyone looked up to and she has always been proud of what she has done. Even if the Famke Janssen plastic surgery was not the best decision according to most people, she has never had a problem with how it made her look.

Famke Janssen plastic surgery

The actress is getting old now and probably started seeing a lot of aging signs that she wanted to remove. She has lustrous hair and the perfect bone structure that made her naturally beautiful. But when it comes to age, you rarely have anything to do about her.

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The Famke Janssen plastic surgery made her look unrecognizable and she has lost the natural laughter lines. She now has a line-free and pillow-like complexion. Her wrinkle-free face looks like it is frozen in time when the paparazzi caught her talking to a friend.

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Things we didn’t know about Famke Janssen

Here are all the things you didn’t know about Famke:

1. Famke Janssen was originally cast in Men in Black II

Before Lara Flynn Boyle was finalized for Men in Black II, Famke was considered as the antagonist. However, she couldn’t sign the film due to personal reasons. The actress has only committed to projects she could give complete attention and dedication to. When she knew she had to prioritize her home, she did that instead.

2. Famke was offered the lead in Terminator 3

While most fans agree that Famke can do any role, you need to think that movies like the Terminator series need more hardened characters than model-like beauties. This could probably be the reason why Famke rejected playing the main villain of this film.

3. Incredible shoe size

Size 11 for shoes doesn’t seem big if you’re a man, but for a woman, it is a pretty big size. Famke had to get her shoes specially made for the movie GoldenEye. Famke isn’t a small woman when it comes to her shoe size. Compared to the rest of her body, her feet are enormously large.

4. She has been a consistent model

While many models stop modeling when they have a successful acting career, Famke didn’t leave it. She kept doing her modeling work because she has been treated well and loved to growth in both the fields. Famke said that it increases her exposure and made more and more people remember her in several ways.

5. Famke doesn’t like social media

You might find Famke’s profile on social media sites but she doesn’t handle any of those. Social media seems like a hassle for her and she would rather keep out of it. There are many other celebrities who second her decision and are also not active social media users for the same reason.

6. She is the only brunette among siblings

Famke has two sisters and both of them have blonde hair, while she was born with brunette hair. Thanks to the mixture of genes from her parents, Famke got a rather unique kind of natural hair color.

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7. She likes to do movies that people will watch

Everyone wants to do movies that will be watched by a lot of people, but not each one is equally successful. Famke is one artist who wants only sign movies she knows will be watched by the masses. If you go back and check her track record, you will see that she has mostly been a part of movies that had high chances to well in the box office. She also likes to get varied reactions from people getting out of the theater watching her film.

8. She likes challenging roles

Famke Janssen is one of the artists who want to do diverse roles that challenge her credibility. She doesn’t want to be typecast in a particular kind of work that people can fit her into. She doesn’t want to be a one-dimensional artist but wants to break out of the characters she has played before to try something new.

9. She doesn’t like to talk about dating

Celebrities are always watched over and followed. The media tries different ways to get into people’s personal space. Famke has always made it clear to not like talking about dating or giving details of her personal life. She doesn’t enjoy the fact of discussing personal relationships and finding people to talk about it.

10. Famke had a gala time at the sets of X-Men

Jean Grey, her character in X-Men is as iconic as Famke is in her personal life. She had portrayed a darker side of a character and it helped her evolve as an actress.

Final thoughts

Irrespective of her personal choices, we cannot help but admit that Famke Janssen has been an amazing actress and performer. The multi-talented personality has broken stereotypes through her talent and will always be a remembered celebrity. Let us see how her transformations continues to change her overall appearance. Also, how we succumb to watching a newer face than what he knew Famke Janssen to have.

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