Hair Transplant: A Permanent Solution To Hair Loss?

hair transplant

Hair transplant has been widely accepted as the solution to hair loss worldwide. With the help of a hair transplant, we can say goodbye to receding hairline and say hello to a younger-looking you. But is hair transplant a permanent solution to hair loss? Before we answer that, let us discuss some facts about hair transplants.

The Process Of Hair Transplant

First, they shave off the hair at the back of your head. After that, the surgeon will now take hair follicles out of the scalp one by one. Small marks from where the follicles were removed will be visible. The surgeon will then make tiny holes in the scalp and plant the collected hair follicles into the holes. Lastly, the surgeon will use bandage or gauze to cover the surgical site.

Bear in mind that the success of your surgery depends mostly on a good surgeon. Therefore, you must find a highly qualified doctor who can perform a successful hair transplant and can give you the result that you desire. Sure Hair International can help you with your inquiries regarding hair transplant cost.

Who Can Be A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant?

To be a good candidate for hair transplant, an individual must have sufficient healthy hair that will serve as the donor area that will be transplanted to the area where the hair is required. A specialist or a dermatologist will help you determine if you are a good candidate by performing a scalp test. The reason behind your hair loss may also be discovered through blood testing.

What To Expect After Surgery?

Your scalp will be very delicate after surgery. Due to this, you will be advised to wear bandages over your scalp for a day or two. Pain is expected so you will be given pain medication. Anti-inflammatory medicine will also be prescribed by the doctor. Do not worry when you notice hair fall since it is a part of the process. After a few months, new hair will start to grow. Some are doctors prescribe minoxidil to help improve hair growth of new hair.

Is There Any Risk With This Kind Of Surgery?

Just like any other surgery, a hair transplant may have some risks such as scarring, bleeding, and infection. Some experience inflammation of the hair follicles also known as folliculitis when the new hair starts to grow. But do not fear since antibiotics can help ease the problem. The doctors can help you understand your current condition and will offer treatments that suit you the most.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

The answer is yes. That is the reason why many are turning to hair transplant surgery as the answer to hair loss. Since the surgeon will use your own healthy hair to fill the balding areas, these hair are already resistant to the hormone that causes hair loss (DHT) and can be considered permanent.

transplantIt is true that hair transplant can help you out with your hair problems but be reminded that hair loss is a progressive issue. Hairs that are not transplanted may still experience thinning and balding. Cases like this could be consulted with an expert.

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