Happiness Is Only Real When Shared With Other People

happiness is only real when shared

They say that you cry alone but you laugh together. But if you have the right people in your life, you wouldn’t be alone at either time. It is important for us to realize that happiness is real when shared because that’s the best way of enjoying an emotion. If you haven’t yet found out or explored how happiness doubles when shared, we will tell you exactly how it happens.

Why happiness is only real when shared?

Think about a situation or an incident where you were happy, but no one around you felt the same. You might have hurt someone in the situation, but could that actually bring you peace? Could you share that with someone else? No! Happiness is only real when shared with people you love and who love you. Check out the following points to understand how this works:

1. There is joy in sharing

No matter what you share, happiness, sorrow, materialistic items, food, or anything you can think of, it all gets better when you can share. When there is someone willing to share your sorrows, you will find it reduce. Similarly, when you have someone who is happy when you’re happy, the emotion doubles.

2. You have someone to rely on

In competitive lives, people seldom find others being happy in their joys or successes. You might see many people fake a smile, but they might not actually be happy for you.

It sure is tough to find somebody who loves you a lot or finds happiness in your happiness. But when you can see through such truthfulness, you will know you can rely on them. These are the people who will be there in times of pain as much as in times of happiness.

3. The feeling of unity

When you can share the joy with one or more people, it brings in a sense of unity and togetherness. Even when you are in a competitive field, you might find people accept that you deserve a better position and actually find joy in yours. If you haven’t yet found that emotion in the professional field, you might be willing to radiate such positivity to people around you. Don’t always wait for people to be happy for you, look for ways you can spread happiness instead.

4. It brings people closer

Laughing together brings people closer, and it is a tested fact. When you have people around you to share funny moments or share happy moments with, it brings you’ll close. These are also the people who will be there when you need them during tough times.

5. Helps you understand people

The moment you find someone happy in your joy, you will realize that they are genuine. People need time to understand others but tiny gestures can show a lot. You can only share happiness with people who make you feel good and bring out the positivity. If you share it with someone who isn’t happy for you, they will have something bad to say even during a good time.

6. It builds families

Families aren’t only the people you share your joy with, but they often start because of that. For example, when two people get married, they do it out of love and happiness. When they bring a newborn to their lives, that makes them happier. Every positive thing that binds people together comes because there is happiness between them. An unhappy family might break and people might not want to be together.

7. Happiness is acceptance

When you accept yourself it gives you happiness, but when people accept you, it makes you happier. There are times when peoples suffer from depression due to low esteem. You need to first accept yourself and then you will find happiness from it. Just like other forms of happiness, not everyone might like the way you are. But the people who really matter will accept you and that will bring you joy.

8. Gives reasons to smile

Lives have become hectic and tough than what it was during the previous generation. People are found partying every weekend to just let go of their stress and feel better. If you can share the stress just the way you share happiness, it can strengthen bonds and also make you smile. If you know who to turn to when you’re upset, you will also know how you can make someone else smile.

9. Finding ways to be happy

When happiness becomes your only aim, you will want to spread it and also find people reciprocate. If you become positive and find good things even in the bad, it will help you realize the true meaning of being happy. Moreover, when you share the positive aspects with another person, it will seem more real as it is shared.

10. You wouldn’t want to have it all by yourself

Imagine having a big block of chocolate to yourself and eating it all day long. It sure will make you happy, but wouldn’t you be happier to share? We often get a lot of things when we realize that there are more people who don’t have the same. Try to share your things or gift someone things you know they want to have. Your gesture will not only make them smile but you will also get back the good in return.

Final thoughts

Happiness is only real when shared because otherwise it is like a one-sided love story. You can have all the love you want to but it doesn’t radiate back to you. To radiate back happiness to your life, you must share the same with another person. It can be your parents, partner, kids, friends, or anyone. There is no better joy than sharing emotions and when it is about happy emotions, everyone is trying to seize it.

These are some of the ways that show us why we should share the reasons to be happy and also be happy for someone else. Only when you spread joy you get it in return. The world will be nicer and kinder if we all remember this.

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