High Protein Low Fat Foods to Build Muscles and Cut Carbs

high protein low fat foods

Proteins are of the utmost importance when keen on a balanced-diet. But proteins are oft accompanied by undesirable fats. Honestly, we do not want that! Because we want the calorie count to be just right. Here, we will help you attain such goals by providing a list of high protein low fat foods.

Fortunately, lean proteins sourced from plants and animals are easily available in the market. We must follow a guide called protein’s Reference Daily Intake. If we do that, we won’t deviate from our daily goals. Individual protein and calorie needs depend on one’s height, weight, sex, and of course, activity levels.

Protein plays key roles in bodybuilding, enhancing muscle mass, and repairing tissues. But, did you know that proteins even help in the proper functioning of organs? Yes, you’ve heard that correct. Proteins promote satiety which makes us feel fuller for an entire day. Proteins help manage weight issues.

High protein low fat foods

In this article, we will shed light on high protein low fat foods. Let’s explore:

White-fleshed fish

These have been found out to be very lean and are amongst the best protein sources. An average serving would provide around thirty grams of proteins. Lean white-fish would include haddock, cod, flounder, halibut, orange roughy, and tilapia.

White-fish have omega-3 fatty acids but in low quantities. Dark-fleshed fish have omega-3 fatty acids in higher amounts. Examples of dark-fleshed fish are stock-eye salmon and coho. It’s not that bad an idea to have dark-fleshed fish though.

It’s a better idea to go for the fresh variety. This is because frozen fish is likely to have unwanted preservatives. Nonetheless, if you do not have time, you can buy them. Make sure to clean them before you transform them into a sumptuous platter.

Greek yogurt

Unflavored and unsweetened Greek yogurt is the best way to obtain lean protein. An average serving will give you around twenty grams of lean proteins. Now, isn’t that great? Greek yogurt is strained to get rid of liquid-whey. This ensured that you get the concentrated yogurt filled with protein. Thus, you get the creamier & thicker variety.

Low-fat Greek yogurt goes very well in grilled sandwiches. Also, they can be the best accompaniment for French fries. Also, if you skip unnecessary sweeteners, you can have fruits with lean Greek yogurt.

Peas, beans, and lentils

Dried beans, peas & lentils are known as pulses in colloquial language. Hundred-grams of cooked lentil will give you around ten grams of proteins. They taste superb and go very well with rice-platters. All these are high in fiber content. There’s another fact that may startle you! The fiber content of pulses will help lower the blood cholesterol level. Also, pulses content amino-acids, in low quantities. These amino-acids do build tissues inside.

White-meat poultry

An average serving of lean-meat or turkey will give around thirty grams of the macronutrient. Cut drumsticks & thighs will get you the leanest meat ever. High protein low fat foods include breasts & wings as well. But the lean variety of poultry should be skin-less.

The taste factor of roasted chicken-breast remains too high. Skin-less roasted chicken breast has around 170 calories and has as low as four grams of fat-content.

Fat-free cottage cheese

Fat-free cottage cheese is made from skimmed milk. An average serving will give you around fifteen grams of proteins. The fat content is as low as only three grams. Do not go for flavored varieties as they might give you extra calories. Fat and protein foods must strike a balance to remain healthy. Not only proteins, but cottage cheese also is high in calcium and meets our probiotic requirements. Scientists have suggested that cottage cheese will lead to better absorption of D vitamin in our bodies. Cottage cheese can be presented in the most delicious platters, but try to keep the sodium content in check. If the sodium content remains high, the entire purpose of consuming fat-free cottage cheese would be defeated.

Egg whites

Egg whites have been amongst the best high protein low fat foods since time immemorial. But remember not to include the yolk in your meals. Egg white from just an egg would impart as low as sixteen calories. And, the protein content would be three grams. Egg whites too could be presented on your platter in several ways. Egg-white muffins, egg-white with spinach & chives are excellent ways to serve this food option.

Plant or animal-based lean protein resources are plentiful. They do not even exceed the calorie limit.

Also, dairy products sourced from skimmed milk will give you ample lean proteins. So, scroll through to know more!

High protein vegetables


The protein content of mushrooms is sufficiently high. But, they do not have all the essential amino acids. Think of meals to combine mushrooms with ingredients that have essential amino acids. Likewise, mushroom and broccoli salad can be a great idea to meet your daily protein requirement. This will make you feel full for longer hours.


Broccoli has the essential nutrients but has zero fats. The protein content of broccoli is a tad higher when compared to other vegetables of its kind. Broccoli has essential minerals and vitamins. Also, broccoli is very high in antioxidants. Broccoli promotes good health and lets you keep hydrated as well.


We have all heard about kale chips, right? Kale is a great resource for lean protein. The best part is, kale has phenolic compounds. Now, due to the presence of phenolic compounds, kale has tremendous antioxidant properties. One can boil, steam or sauté kale to derive healthier varieties of the ingredient. Consume kale regularly to procure maximum benefits.

Protein foods for bodybuilding


This is a substitute for cottage cheese. It can be a great post-workout ingredient. Tofu salad, grilled tofu makes for excellent meals that promote satiety. You can gorge on tofu if keen on building muscles.


Tuna is a high-protein fish that’s excellent as a post-workout food. These fishes can be presented in several ways. Pan-grilled tuna with chives promotes bodybuilding and meets your regular protein requirements.

Turkey breast

This is an intense protein-option. An average serving would provide around sixty grams of proteins. The word of caution would be – a little fat would be accompanying you. So, keep the portion in control.

Final thoughts

This is a complete guide about lean proteins. Follow this to derive maximum benefits. Hope this answers all your queries, kudos!

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