How Home Irrigation Systems Can Make Lawncare Greener

Home Irrigation Systems

With summers getting hotter and weather getting more unpredictable, one of the big questions a lot of homeowners have is how they can make lawncare more efficient. In this article, you will get to know how home irrigation systems can make lawncare greener.

Cities like Toronto are drought-prone in the summer, and when rainfall is inadequate, municipal authorities may introduce measures to cut back on water use. Lawns and gardens are often the first areas to see restrictions imposed, which can make it hard to ensure your property gets enough moisture. 

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your lawn and garden verdant without wasting water. Here are the top three ways a good irrigation system provides strategic water supply to the most critical parts of your property. 

1. Irrigation Systems Target the Most Important Areas

Conservation is all about the strategic use of resources. The problem many homeowners run into is that they don’t necessarily know how to ensure that the areas that need water most get enough of it. If your home is on a slope, or if the land is uneven, parts of your lawn may end up water-logged while others are baked brown. 

Setting up irrigation systems in Toronto with the help of lawncare experts is a great way to target the parts of your lawn or garden that are most at risk of drying out, and to avoid wasting moisture on areas that don’t need it. 

2. Irrigation Systems Operate During Non-Peak Hours

One of the most common water-use errors homeowners make is watering during the heat of the day. Unspooling your hose and turning it on full-blast in the middle of the afternoon guarantees that a significant amount of water will simply evaporate off the grass rather than sinking down into the soil. 

This is why most irrigation systems are set up to work early in the morning: when the air is cooler and there is no direct sunlight, the water is more likely to filter into the ground. This will help keep the earth from drying out, giving your grass, trees, and shrubs a chance to suck it in through their roots. 

3. Irrigation Systems are Automatic

Not everyone has the freedom to water their grass at the most opportune moment. This is why irrigation systems are designed to operate automatically — once you set the system, it will turn on by itself, ensuring the highest standards of water conservation while also ensuring your property always gets the moisture it needs. 

Most Toronto homeowners understand that they have a responsibility to do their part when it comes to protecting scarce resources, and when the temperatures go up and there is no rain for weeks at a time, watering your lawn can feel downright irresponsible. 

But taking a more environmentally-friendly approach to lawncare doesn’t mean you have to let your grass get brown and crinkly. Being strategic about how and when you water your lawn can help you save resources while also ensuring your property stays lush, and a built-in irrigation system is one of the best ways to do so.

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