How Much Does a Gram of Heroin Cost?

How much does a gram of heroin cost

Heroin is one of the strongest drugs that people abuse. It is highly addictive and dangerous for our body. Although most countries have strict laws, the usage of heroin has been ever-increasing through illegal means. Here, we will tell you how much does a gram of heroin cost and why is it cheap.

Heroin was once known to be available in the inner cities but is now greatly found all across America. Both men and women use it irrespective of their backgrounds or income brackets.

Why do people use heroin even when it is dangerous?

Heroin seems to have a relation to prescription opioids, which more and more people have been taking in the US. It includes both legitimate and illicit use and the difference is a doctor’s prescription.

The prescription opioids are flooded all over the market and many people are depended on it. Most doctors recommend the medicinal form of opioids after a person grows through surgery, injury, or chronic pain. However, getting addicted to prescribed drugs can become a major issue.

It is also a major reason why people start looking for how much does a gram of heroin cost, buy it, and gradually get addicted.

How much does a gram of heroin cost?

Heroin is cheaper than prescribed opioids and that is the reason why people who get addicted don’t mind continuing. There are many things that determine how much does a gram of heroin cost. These include the type of heroin, availability, cutting, processing, and more. The purer the heroin, the more costly it will be. But it is not difficult to sell something that is pure. It is just laced with more substances.

If you were looking for a dosage of 0.1 gram of heroin on the streets of the US, it will probably cost anywhere between $15 and $20. If you are a heavy user, you might have to pay $150 to $200 per day to meet your addiction. Here, we are talking about premium quality heroin. When you compare this amount to pills, it is inexpensive.

In many states, a bag full of heroin is cheaper than a packet of cigarettes. You can get a bag full of the drug for only $5. The cost of heroin in New York City is about $10.

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Why is heroin cheap?

If the cost of heroin was expensive, it would be difficult to purchase for many. Why is it not expensive, making it more accessible to all? This drug is not just accessible to elders but also teenagers who run on pocket money.

The prices of heroin differ from one place to another. Drug cartels have records of people becoming addictive to expensive opiate pills. There has been new production systems and network to provide the drug for people who found it too expensive to make it a habit. This makes people have access to lots of heroin and get them at cheap prices.

Heroin vs. Opioid pill

If you compare the prices of the drug with the pill, you can make out the real difference. The cost of an 80 mg tablet of OxyContin will be around $80 as per reports. Time and again, laws have been stricter to make these pills more expensive or hard to get. But unfortunately, this had also made more people turn to heroin. Regular painkillers cost anywhere from $60 to $100 for a pill and don’t leave you with addictive feelings.

There is one more reason apart from cost and availability that makes people shift from pills to heroin, this is the fact that heroin is easier to use. It is tough to buy prescription pills and abuse them. Many of them come with a low dose formulation making it not as effective as it should be.

These are the reasons why people turn to heroin to have a happier high. If you expect the same from a pill, you will have to crush it and snort. A lot of people also inject heroin in their bodies. Many pills are tough to crush and doesn’t work even if you put them in water. It isn’t always dissolvable to create an injectable solution.

Heroin comes in a form of fine powder or you can say a tar-like substance. It is ready to use within a few minutes, making it easy to intake. Since the prices of the drug are low and it is easy to use, its usage has grown like an epidemic and is creating havoc in normal lives.

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How long does it take to recover?

Any form of addiction is chronic and prone to relapse. It is not easy to maintain sobriety even after going through rehab life or detox treatments. The nature of substance abuse and disorder can trigger failure at any time. But it doesn’t mean a person cannot come out of it. It shows that the course of treatment needs to be adjusted so that you can find a plan that suits you perfectly.

Every individual has a certain treatment plan for them. What works for you might not work for someone else. People need to be constantly reviewed and tested. They need supervision and care all the time too.

Short-term residential treatment

Many people choose a short-term residential treatment which is quick and intensive for the patient. It is usually based on a 12-step program. The original model consists of 3 to 6 weeks of inpatient treatment, which is followed by long-term outpatient treatment.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that most addicted people need three months of treatment to reduce their drug usage. But the best outcome occurs with long duration of treatment. This might not be the best way to treat heroin abuse so it is better to choose long-term residential treatment.

Long-term residential treatment

In this treatment, a patient needs 24/7 support by people of a therapeutic community. They can help a patient recover completely within six to 12 months, which also suits the NIDA policy that states any treatment less than three months to have limited effects.

NIDA states that methadone maintenance for heroin addiction must continue for one year, and that also suits the approach by a therapeutic community. These communities focus on the idea that substance can disrupt lives completely. They don’t just rehabilitate but also help a person socialize. They don’t just take help from their staff but also the family members of the patient. Together, they help restore an addicted person back to normal and grow their productivity and accountability.

Final thoughts

We hope you’re looking for answers about the cost of heroin due to educational and knowledge purpose. We recommend you to not indulge in a habit that will hurt you and disrupt your life. Only use prescription opioids if at all, and keep away from the harmful drug.

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