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best 4X game

You might not know the meaning of 4X, but you’ve surely heard the names of some games in this genre. The meaning and term 4X were given by gaming guru Alan Emrich. The definition of 4X is Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate. These terms outline the way all the games under this niche phase-out. Here, we will tell give the list of best 4X game to play so that you can download them right away.

What are 4X games?

4X is a complex gaming system that uses the best of tech and tests your management capabilities. The best 4X game features are either real-time or turn-based gameplay. You will find most of them set up in a real-world setting or in space. They mostly have fantasy-themed names and you just need to make your choice.

List of Best 4x Game

Check out the top five best 4x game and know why you should try playing them once:

1. Dominions 5

Dominions 5 is a game that shows Gods at war and has their troops of fantastic armies. You need to start playing it by designing your own deity, which can be anything from a dragon to a mystical rock. Turn by turn, you need to instruct the army to do the tasks that help you win. You need to recruit wizards to use magic spells and defend yourself from other Gods.

The visuals are pretty old school in Dominions. You have to dig into its community and get through to decent user-made maps. Once you do that and scan the manual, you will get a detailed strategy of the game that generates crazy stories.

If you are more used to controlling spaceships in other 4X games, Dominions will be a change for you. It has elements of spirits, ghosts, satyrs, and wyverns to fight off. It is easy to beat the AI once you play a few rounds of the game. The game thrives when you play it with other people.

2. Endless Legend

If you’re looking for the best 4x game in terms of fantasy themes, you must try Endless Legend. The game takes place in a fictional planet called Auriga. It is an area of an exclusive assortment of different races. Each race has its own technology, history, and skills.

The game has an exclusive combat system which makes you command individual elements to armies.  Then you can manage them in a war and issue commands. You can also move individual units along its hex-based map. The additional depth makes the combat engaging compared to other 4X games.

The name of the game has been given so because you can replay it any time. Each game offers a new world map and quest that are generated randomly. This 4X game features great storytelling along with features like RPG. It has the ability to equip units and equipment to fight the battle.

The game has recently expanded with Inferno with a new race added called Kapaku. Here, you adept to traverse volcanic terrain and also create volcanoes.

3. Stellaris

Stellaris is a 4X game set up in a space-like scenario that includes an empire builder. It combines that with Paradox’s grand technique games for the victory path. You need to choose any one of the plenty intergalactic races or create yours. You need to then start with a single image voltaic system of the empire’s identity, which isn’t on the galactic scale.

With the help of the ‘ethos’ scale, you can choose the type of empire you want to have. You can be a collectivist, a militarist, or have an entrepreneurial empire. Unlike other paradox games, making one mistake doesn’t destroy you. You need to adapt to the ever-changing political scenario of the cosmos. It will not be solely accessible but have echoes of Europa Universalis inside the rich and diplomatic system.

You might face frequent galactic occasions that flips your game any moment. But you will love the contemporary style of the 4X game because it has depth and wackiness for a perfect sci-fi setting.

Like most other 4x games, this game has leveled up since launch. It has expanded to Stellaris mods, Stellaris: Apocalypse, and then Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn. It offers new playstyles, more replay-ability, and it just gets more interesting.

4. Age of Wonders III

If you’re looking for more options in fantasy-based elements in 4X games, try Age of Wonders III. It has six separate races in the game that ranges from humans to draconian. The story is a primary draw following two factions of Commonwealth and Elven Court.

You need to be familiar with the mechanics of the pre-existing 4X games and their strategies to play this one. The game takes up to eight online players that lets you build more fun when you close off your time with the one-player story. This game also offers map generators to offer enough gameplay variety.

On August 6, 2019, the latest sic-fi theme was added to the Age of Wonder series. It is called the Age of Wonders: Planetfall and looks pretty promising.

5. Civilization VI

If you’ve already played 4X games before, you will know the name of Civilization. It is the most-played on the charts and offered several incarnations. It is one of the most liked games of this genre and you should start with this one before trying the rest.

The sixth edition of this game took a daring step to increase cities all through the extra tiles and introduced districts mechanic. They re-stacked fighting elements to make it more interesting.

There were reports of minor tweaks in Civilization V, which made many players quit Civ series. They came back with Civ VI, which is probably the best of all the series of this game and gave major sci-fi parts. Civ VII is supposed to be launched within year or two, but it will be tricky for a rookie to level up.

Final thoughts

The best 4X games have now been handed over to you and all you got to do is get access to them. They are definitely going to make fun times with friends more interesting. Stay tuned for more such latest updates!

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