How to Bypass Facebook Id Verification?

bypass Facebook id verification

We are so consumed by social media that problems like not being able to log in to the account get us frustrated. There are several people constantly searching on Google to find out ways to recover a disabled Facebook account. Here, we will tell you how to simplify the process and bypass Facebook id verification.

The regular process of identification on Facebook

With new laws applying every single day, most of us are familiar with Facebook asking us to give us proof of our identity. Facebook asks questions to confirm identity, upload government-issued ID card that has a photo and date of birth mentioned, and more. Facebook confirms identity by connecting to your cellphone number and when you identify pictures of friends on Facebook.

You might not want to give out your personal information or not have the right documents for confirmation. In such cases, you need to know how to bypass Facebook id verification. Check out the tutorial to help you get through that.

How to bypass facebook id verification 2019

Right now, when you’re trying to log into your profile you will find your account temporarily disabled. Facebook will ask you to upload your ID card that includes name, age, address, and other details.

Your account is safe and you will be able to get it back, so don’t worry about that. This sign shows that the account has been disabled by the Facebook official. You must note that there are plenty of reasons that might have led to this issue.

An account can be disabled in two ways, temporarily and permanently. If the notification says ‘permanently disabled’ then you cannot get back the account. If the message says ‘temporarily disabled’ you can get it back. But you need to first know the possible reasons for your account’s disabling. The most common reasons are:

  • Using a fake name or fake profile picture
  • Sending too many friend requests to people with no mutuals or getting too many within a short span of time
  • Due to sharing over 20 posts at once – also you can only share 20 posts in a day
  • Doing something that violates rules on Facebook or uploads something that’s not allowed
  • If multiple people report you on facebook
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How to get back your disabled Facebook account?

If you think that the FB account got disabled by mistake, you can always reactive or recover it by sending out an appeal. To do that you need to:

  • bypass Facebook id verification by using the Tunnel Bear App
  • you need to download the app on a different VPN application from Google Play Store by looking for the Tunnel Bear app or another type of VPN like DroidVPN, and so on
  • register on the VPN service and activate the account by verifying email ID
  • open the app and choose the location Japan and connect to the Japan servers
  • now open your FB account through that browser
  • they will ask your birth date, mobile number, and different account related information
  • fill up all the details correctly and the account will reactive

Facebook photo verification bypass trick

There are three main ways to you can recover a disabled account that has been temporarily blocked:

  1. Government proof facebook bypass
  2. Fake government-issued card
  3. Adding the current profile picture

If you are someone who hasn’t uploaded their own photos on Facebook, try number three right away.

It is time you know how to use any of the above three strategies to get back your old account:

Government proof facebook bypass

You simply need to try and log in to your account and facebook will ask you for your ID. You need to upload all the valid documents like driving license, passport, and so on. Green Card, immigration documents, residential permit, birth certificate, vehicle insurance, all of these can work as secondary proof.  If you submit all the documents correctly, you will get back the account within a week.

If you don’t have a govt. issued ID proof you can submit copies of any two legit documents that include your date of birth, picture, and full name. The relative proofs can be a utility bill, work ID, credit card, and so on.

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You need to wait for Facebook to review your application and approve it. You must not repeat the process over and over again as it violates the rules and the account can be permanently disabled.

Fake government-issued card

There are many people who face photo verification or find their profiles disabled for updating fake info. You need to tweak making a fake id proof and use a Fake Id Generator App and activate the account again. Check out the steps below to do that:

  • Download the Fake ID GeneraTor App
  • Install and open
  • Add details like name, birthday, and other things – make sure it is exactly what’s on Facebook
  • Choose a country and add a color picture of yourself
  • Click on the ‘generate’ option and the fake ID proof will be ready
  • Crop to remove the portion where fake ID is mentioned
  • Upload to the Facebook account and find it work within a week

Adding the current profile picture

Not many people know that you have a super-easy way to bypass facebook id verification. There are many people who don’t want to post their own photographs on social media. But to make this trick work, you need to do it this time.

Upload the display picture you had on your account before it got disabled. Just upload the same image irrespective of what it is. Now wait for around three days and then log in to your account, it will allow you in. You should at least add a few pictures of your own to prevent this problem from happening again.

How long does it take to get back disabled FB account?

According to which facebook id verification trick you use, the results will differ. If you add original govt. issued documents, the account can reactivate within half an hour or 24 hours. It depends on how long Facebook takes to verify your documents. This is the safest and the recommended way of getting back your Facebook account. Although, you can also try to bypass facebook id verification with the other given hacks!

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