How to Concentrate on Studies and Remain Focused

How to Concentrate on Studies and Remain Focused

Is it very difficult for you to be focused while studying? Do you struggle to memorize your notes? If you are one of those students, then you’re definitely reading the right blog! Here we have got some amazing tips on how to concentrate on studies and remain very focused.

With all of us having to stay at home now, it might be difficult to separate study and family time. But you need to study efficiently and even dedicate a specific time to play. So, we have gone ahead and made a list of some useful tips to help you concentrate on your studies well. Read on and these simple yet effective tips will surely give you amazing results!

How to concentrate on Studies?

To calm down your wandering mind and keep yourself absolutely focused follow all the tips below. Know how to concentrate on studies and do implement them in your study schedule. Here are the following:

Record Your Studying Time

You may think that this tip is quite strange, but works really well! Use your phone camera or webcam and record yourself studying. When you do this, you can avoid other people keeping a watch on you. And you can easily keep accountability for yourself. More so, since you’ll consciously know a camera is recording your studying time, you will be more vigilant too. This is a great way to concentrate on studies and even do it efficiently.

Get Prepared Mentally

There can be times you don’t want to get to work. But when you’re reading the list of tips for how to concentrate on studies, we’ve got you a solution for everything!

First, sit still and give yourself a minute or so. Then start the timer and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and focus on your studies. Tell yourself that your body and mind need to prepare to get to work. You can call this ‘implementation intention’ too! This will help your brain cells to focus and help you concentrate on studies. So, the next time you don’t feel like studying, you know how to start!

Chalk out a Study Plan

If you are thinking of how to focus on studying for exams, this tip is going to help you a lot. But you must be very specific while doing this study plan. Write out in detail what you are going to study. Apart from the subjects, use the tool of specification to mention the chapters. For instance, if you write ‘study math’, it does not specify the chapters. So, be very precise and use this tip to have a calculated and proper study schedule.

Also, you can see a balanced progress in all your subjects as well. Later when you’re done studying, tick off the chapters you have studied. In a matter of a few days, you will be able to notice a remarkable progress.

Specify your Goals

One more way to concentrate on studies and avoid distractions is to keep your goals clear. Be specific about why you want to study! Make up a list of why you want to study and what you want to achieve from it. Only then your vision will be clear and no other distraction can divert your mind.

It is true that getting good grades in your papers is not in your hands but you can definitely control your study time. Dedicate a good two hours to studying and you’ll get magical outcomes from it.

Track your completed tasks

Not only schools but you can even make a progression report for yourself! Keep a diary specifically to maintain a record of your study progress. You will be able to set higher targets once you are sure of how capable you are. Moreover, the assessment becomes easier and you can monitor them well. So, set out a progression report and set yourself some amazing targets.

Sort out materials You need

You must keep the desk you’re studying absolutely clutter-free. Only then you can concentrate on studies for long hours. This is a study that the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute has found out. So, we suggest you to keep your materials organized and use only the items you need.

To make your task easier, you can add the items you need for each study session beside the study schedule you’re making. For instance, for science study, you will need materials different from what you need for your math session.

If you find your desk cluttered with books and other things, tidy it up before you sit to study.  An organized space always helps you focus well!

Try out breathing exercises

When you’re deciding to concentrate mentally, you can do some breathing exercises from breathwork app to help you focus. A few of these exercises will help you focus on studies and avoid distractions too. This is also claimed by researches made by the researchers of Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. Studies show that deep breathing helps your body to produce noradrenaline. It is a neurotransmitter that helps in concentration.

So, you can optimize your concentration levels by some easy deep breathing exercises. Here we have helped you with some tips that you can do easily. The following tips are as follows:

  • First, take a deep breath keeping your eyes closed for four seconds. But remember to inhale only through your nose.
  • Once you are sure your lungs are full, hold it for around two seconds.
  • Finally, try exhaling the held breath from your nose only within a span of four seconds.

Try this simple exercise 3 times before you set out to study. And see yourself concentrate on your studies like never before.

Avoid Bed Study

Many people have the habit of studying or doing other work on the bed. But staying on the bed leads to you either lying or leaning on your soft pillows. So, keep your study area separate from your sleeping area. If you set your study space on the bed, you’ll end up relaxing and your studying won’t be effective either. More so, you might go in for some naps as well. So, keep your study desk tidy and bring out the studious ‘you’!

Write Everything you’re studying

When you set out for studying, make sure you write on what task you’re going to work on. Use some rough sheets to bullet point out what you are going to study on. Like question or chapter numbers. Whenever you take breaks, make sure this reminds you of what your set goal for the day is. If you really want to concentrate on your studies, you’ll have to be organized and well-planned.

Inform the Family members about your study schedule

Once you have made a study schedule for yourself, make a copy for your parents as well. Put it up on the fridge door and tell them how long you are going to be busy. In this way, neither will they disturb you or question you about your progression.

Moreover, by doing this you are making more accountability for yourself. And you’re even giving your family a clear idea about how well you are completing your tasks. This is a simple tip that’ll help you tremendously.

Remove all devices from Your study space

You must focus on removing all your gadgets, – phones, tablets away into a different room. That is because constant notifications and messages causes huge distraction. So, it is best to put it on silent mode and keep in a different room. We are focusing on not keeping it in the same room because if it is kept out of your sight, it’ll be out of your mind too. The more you minimize your temptations, the better your study time will be. You’ll find yourself completing tasks faster than usual. So, remember to keep your gadgets away, when you sit at your study desk!

Review Notes Instantly

When you are studying and taking notes from your teachers, review the notes instantly. No matter you are in school or in college, review the notes as soon as you get them. When the dictation is fresh, your mind can recall the missed-out notes.

Once you have re-read them to sort and edit them to make your study easier for later. Moreover, if you read them instantly you can ask your teacher to correct the notes instantly. So, remember to correct the notes as soon as you get them.

Re-organize Notes

If you want to concentrate on studies and avoid distractions that happen while flipping around pages, you must be organized. Moreover, you can even start memorizing your study materials when rewriting them. Scientists have proven that when students write, memorization becomes way easier.

More so, to focus on studying for exams you need to keep all your study materials ready. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to go through notes and see you’ve missed out on so many things. So, always remember to keep your notes well-organized.

Quit Multitasking

If how to concentrate on studies is your focus then you must quit multitasking. By keeping your gadgets away, you are going to avoid the maximum of your distractions already. But remember to keep the television off too. That is because if your television is on you are definitely going to divert.

When you are studying avoid sitting around the door or a passage where other people can disturb you. That is because when you sit to study you cannot do anything else. Talking, watching TV, eating or any other task should be completely avoided. You must do one task at a time and only then you will be able to accomplish each of them well. There can be chances of you getting tempted but you need to consciously avoid being so.

Keep a Count of your study sessions

When you keep an account of your study sessions you are surely going to be happy. Moreover, you can set yourself targets each day. The more you accomplish your task, you will be able to set a higher target the next day.

If you match up your targets and meet them, give yourself small treats. That can be a pizza or ice-cream treat! In that way, you will be motivated and concentrate better every time you sit to study! We really do not need anyone else to keep us motivated, we can simply do it ourselves.

Note down the times you get distracted

You are sure to get distractions while you’re studying. But what you need to do is, write down your distraction. It is quite an easy tip to avoid getting back to your studying session. For example, if you want to know whether your best buddy has texted you or not, or see if you’ve got any missed calls. Use a rough sheet of paper to write the distraction down. Then get back to your studies. By doing so you’ll be able to control your distractions and not succumb to it. You are admitting your temptation but not getting indulged into it. So, next time you get tempted, you know what you need to do!

Fix specific study timings

You don’t need to keep studying the entire day. Keep a time dedicated to study and play. It is important you keep yourself balanced and distribute your timings accordingly. So, remember to set a start and finish timing for yourself.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous students that struggle in concentrating on their studies but you need to stay focused. It is very important! So, if you count among those students you will surely get amazing results by focusing on the tips mentioned above.

As we come to the end of our blog with the list of tips on how to concentrate on studies, you’re filled with some very useful hacks. So, start your study sessions using these tips and see how wonderfully it works. Once you’ve got spectacular results, do let us know in the comment section below!

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