How to Teach Your Kids the Story of Jesus?

Kids the Story of Jesus

One of the greatest commandments that Jesus considers is “to love the Lord God with all your heart and soul, which can be found in Deuteronomy 6:5. This is a sweeping and strict law that sends many people gulping. But there’s more as parents are instructed to make their child closer to the Lord. As it turned out, obeying the greatest commandment of all time means that everyone is ordered to make these known to others, especially to the children. Lets know how you can teach the story of Jesus to your kids.

The pressure when everyone hears the rules, and for some parents, there’s even guilt that we have somehow failed to this challenge. However, this doesn’t have to be as there are those with instructional materials where you can check out their website to bring your kids closer to God. The process can be so much fun, and it doesn’t have to be restrictive. The Father has not left everyone alone in the dark as the passages in the Bible are often filled with encouragement, comfort, and freedom.

What to Do

  1. Relax and Take Things at Your Own Pace

You don’t have to be flustered about these things. Make sure to relax and follow everything at your own pace. Don’t use another parent’s formula, especially if this does not work. Teaching Jesus to your kids happens all the time. It could be when you’re both reading bedtime stories, you sit and walk in the backyard, and just talk about life.

Parents have great freedom and ensure that the gospel is molded according to their family life. They don’t have to force something and fit it, according to the experts. These things should not be neglected, but there’s really no need to follow a specific model. 

  1. Be Deliberate and Act on This

Everyone has their own freedom, so parents must be diligent and purposeful when teaching. You need to take action and start while the kids are young. You can sit and talk to them at mealtimes, lie down during bedtime, walk, and rise in the morning, and these activities are excellent occasions to create good habits.

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The gates, fridge, and doors are the best places where everyone can set daily reminders about Jesus and how they are loved. For people who feel awkward talking about religion, it’s best if they can set aside time to pray together and read the Bible so they can overcome these feelings. Know more about why you should read the Bible here:

Busy people or families should set aside time to know God better. Teaching times and planned prayers are going to help, especially if everything else is spontaneous. Try to look at Jesus as part of the family and tell everyone about his story as one goes through the whole day.

  1. Smile

It’s not all about being strict and enforcing the rules so smile whenever you can. The children should indeed obey God, but this obedience should be from hope, confidence, and gratitude. Even if the child asks about God’s laws, the parents should tell them about salvation.

These can be evident when there was salvation from the pharaohs of Egypt. God has already done the salvation, and now he cares about the life-giving laws set today. He will be sure to bless the future and spread joy to everyone who is suffering.

Jesus’ salvation involves forgiveness because he has already died on the cross to atone for humankind’s sins. He then rose again because there’s hope, and he will join the Father in the heavens. There’s hope in the future and sharing the gospel’s story is more interesting and not just laying down the rules.

More than the story, every family member should be amazed at what Jesus did for humankind. IT’s a wonder how he kept this law for everyone’s sake, and he was not worried that God’s children would eventually break this. God’s love is going to grow in children because they believe in the gospel. It’s easy to correct children from time to time but let them know what Jesus did to obey the word of God too.

  1. Mean What you Say 
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Heartfelt teaching can do more, and it’s nearly impossible to tell the kids about Jesus if you’re not into it. If your heart is into the Gospel of God, you’ll mean what you say, and it’s almost difficult to get out of it. This is why everyone is told that the words should be on your heart to become more sincere in prayers.

Bible reading can help, practice personal prayer, and be committed to going to church. Churches are places where God’s good news and love are poured into others, and they are considered fuel. This is how we are enjoying our savior, and when the children are growing up in this kind of environment, they will also be delightful in their praises and worship.

  1. There’s a Need to Be Real 

You need to be accurate or have integrity in what you’re saying. There’s no pretending when it comes to the word of God. Teaching should happen every single chance that you have and not just on occasion. You don’t have to look like a sinless and mega-gifted teacher.

The kids are great when it comes to discerning. They should realize that following Jesus does not necessarily mean that it’s only for good people. At an early age, they should be aware that those who make mistakes, who are weak, and need grace for every moment they spend on earth are the ones who need Jesus the most.

This is integrity that can be wonderfully freeing as one may not need to be perfect. Parents should let their kids see their ordinariness or failures. Great parenting in the Bible does not describe perfect parents. Instead, it’s about being real. You are capable of teaching your children to trust and focus on Jesus. Other sources of happiness are temporary, but God is eternal. If the kids praise God at an early age, you’ll provide them a strong anchor that will help them in times of trouble.

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