Reasons Why Interracial Marriage Is Beautiful

Interracial Marriage

The world has become more accepting and understanding and there is a downfall of social stigmas related to aspects that were taboo even a decade ago. We are progressing and realizing facts like love is love, and that makes everybody’s love story get recognition, support, and acceptance. Interracial marriage is a beautiful union of two people coming from different cultures and ethnicities. Here, we will tell you what makes this so special and why we must encourage people to follow their heart.

What makes an interracial marriage special?

Depending on where you live, who to mix with, the background you come from, interracial relationships might or might not be a surprise to you. Although many countries still do not accept such relationships, people in the US have seen a hike in the interracial marriage statistics in the last two decades.

Well, it’s 2019, and people should get over things like racism. Moreover, if your lover is from a different race, you’re lucky in many ways!

Being in an interracial relationship gives you a lot to learn and changes perspective about life. Here, we list you the top 10 reasons why interracial marriage is special and must get universal acceptance.

1. You always have something to learn

Probably the most wonderful thing about interracial marriage is that there’s so much to learn. You get to know what humanity is like and why we should all be more tolerant and acceptant.

When people start stepping out of their own social group and welcome people from different races, they become more generous. Every experience triggers thoughts and lets you see things in a different light.

Interracial relationships are not just about couples, but also friends who share their lifestyle, knowledge, and ideologies with others. It gives you a new way to look at things and get a better judgment of what is right and wrong.

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2. You take a step against racism

Hate is a real thing in this world but it takes a lot to love and accept. When you choose to get into an interracial marriage, you take a step to fight against the odds. You stand up for what you believe in and choose love over everything else.

Although it might make many people angry, it will also inspire many others who are afraid to take a stand. People you don’t know or people who wouldn’t matter cannot be the deciding factors of what you choose in life. There are many people who are forced to resort to arranged marriages (with people of their society) that end up compromising and adjusting all their life.

3. You acknowledge the changes around the world

When you get into an interracial marriage, you become more aware of what the world is achieving in terms of human rights. You realize that people are now allowed to love anybody and be with anybody. You happily flaunt that fact that you’re proud about your relationship, regardless of how different you are from your partner.

4. Your kids will be beautiful

Every child is beautiful, but have you seen babies born of interracial couples? They’re simply adorable and offer a unique blend of two cultural backgrounds. The child is a sign from God that shows when two people love each other and fight all odds, they get such a beautiful gift. If you don’t know how interracial children look like, Google it up to see some of the most delightful family pictures.

5. You compare your love story with fairy tales

There are so many television shows that promote interracial marriage and give us a clearer idea of how it is to live together.

There are several high-profile series that exhibit love stories and the leads are an interracial couple. One fine example is Shona Rhimes and her quest to show the beauty of interracial couples and their stories.

Television influences us in many ways and when there are positive displays like these, it changes perspectives.

6. You spread the word – spread love

It is easy to say that we all love one another, but it is difficult to do so. So many of us carry emotions of hate, fear, and pride that obstruct us from opening up to people and accepting them.

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Many of us deliberately try to keep away from people who don’t belong to our society or community. But if you fall in love, this perspective changes.

Once you accept your emotions, you will want other people to accept it and understand its essence. It makes you spread love and most importantly, become more human.

You never know how your story inspires other people and let them also fall in love or at least fight fear or social stigmas. When you stand by your partner, more people will want to walk your path and find it easy too.

7. You have more festivals to celebrate

Every religion and culture have festivals. Isn’t it amazing to share your festival with someone who is new to it, and takes an interest? Interracial marriages become stronger when partners accept each other’s religious views and also decides to volunteer in festivities. They get to learn new things and understand more about communities.

8. You broaden perspectives

When you’re in an interracial marriage, you get to see the world through someone’s else perspective. You get to know about different communities, people, lifestyle, and more. You understand how different backgrounds change perspectives and that leaves an impact on what you think and do.

9. You make the world is a happier place

The growing interracial marriages in the US has made this country a better place and definitely more tolerant. You take a step to show the world that all humans are good and they all deserve love and acceptance. Your relationship shows that people shouldn’t shy away or hide their love. It helps you do your bit to make the world a better and happier place.

10. You respect everyone

Many of us stereotype communities depending upon some common traits that their people tend to have. When you become more tolerant and acceptant, you grow respect for everyone and embrace their uniqueness.

Final thoughts

Note that you need to be aware of the interracial marriage laws by state to know how your country takes on such relationships. Every part of the world is yet to accept such relationships. With your story and by standing against odds, you can take a tiny step to change the perspective of more.

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