Incredible professional slang examples

professional slang examples

Professional slang is a unique way of expressing yourself to your fellows. It is a unique language that makes you communicate with individuals of your particular profession. Most of the slung are acronyms of some professional terms. People use the word as an identity mark for a specific occupation. Others use it to distinguish their conversation from the clients they serve. The language itself looks sounds funny but allows the user to pass information to their colleagues 

The following are numerous English language professional slangs from various fields.

Medics slang

Doctors have the slags that they use in communication and documentation of patients’ records in their files and nursing papers. The slangs enable the doctors to communicate without patient knowledge or understanding.

The use of slung among doctors is declining as a result of new technology. Patient records keeping is computerized that reduces the use of abbreviations.

There is a different use of slang among the doctors, which involves the nicknaming of particular professions or departments. That is the only medical slang with increasing frequency of use.

Example of the medical slang


It is an abbreviation of Circulating the drain. Doctors us the slang to refer to the patient who is likely to die soon.

Computer professional slang

Computer professional slang differs from medicals professionals. The slang is not for hiding some information from the patients as it is in the medical field. Computer professionals may use slang to illustrate their job frustrations and achievements. With the growth in technology, some computer slung are becoming obsolete.

Common slung in a computer includes the following:

Copy-paste and pray –programmers sometimes run short of solutions to their problems. The only option is to copy and paste the code from the internet hoping that it will work.

Guiltware –computer uses may have encountered such a sensorial where there exists a free software but has but lands with a catch. You download the software, but you feel guilty until you donate something to support the developers.

Slang for photographers

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Photographers slang focuses on the mocking o for the newbies in the field—those who lack the professional and practical skills in photography. The slang is usually an insult for the beginners due to r lack of respect for professional expertise.

Another subject of photographer’s slang is the significant changes arising from the shift from analog to digital photography. The analog cameras are getting funny nicknames

Examples of the photography slangs include the following

ATGNI -the acronym stands means All Gear, No idea

In photography, some people think that buying the latest camera version will make them be experts in photography. Such assumptions are never correct in reality.

Uncle Bob

Uncle bob is for the wedding photographers who come with the lasts camera version thinking that it will make them deliver the best. They lecture other photographers how they should shoot good photos when, in reality, they have minimal experience in photography.

Slang for military professionals

Military slang is for illustrating the history and evolution of their combats. Their combat vocabulary is a reflection of the vocabulary they pick from British soldiers during the times of British Raj.

Example of the military slang

Top brass

Brass means officers the term signifies the shiny brass material on their uniforms. Top brass is a military slang that means officials with higher hierarchy.


Penguin is a term RAF aircrews use when referring to the ground crew. They apply it to mean that the ground crew is people who never fly.

Each profession has its slang that makes people communicate with fellows who only understand their message. The slang differs from one occupation to another.

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