Native American Indian Dog: All You Need to Know

native american indian dog

You have heard of Labradors, St. Bernards and Huskies; but, what is a Native American Indian Dog? Well, a Native American Indian Dog is just another fairly large breed of dog that first originated from North America. With a wild look, similar to that of a wolf, this is one of the most attractive breeds that have served loyally to their masters.

Native American Indian dogs have large, prickly ears that allow them to hear sound frequencies from far away. They are observant in nature and are an intelligent breed. These dogs usually weigh over 100 pounds and need a large space to live comfortably, preferably a yard or a garden.

The origin of this breed still remains a mystery, but it specifically shares the same lineage with the Dingoes. The Native American Indian Dog was amongst the first who worked and lived with humans, domesticated. During the periods of migration and trade exchanges, many foreigners entered North America along with their native dogs. These dogs were bred with the North American Coyote by the inhabitants of North America to give birth to this breed, which is commonly called the Common Indian Dog or Common Native Dog. Breeders in the later years have tried to maintain the qualities of a Native American Indian Dog to the qualities of dogs of the Native Americans.

Native American Indian Dog Temperament

The appearance of Native American Indian Dogs may be intimidating. Looking from a distance they will surely strike you as a wolf. The temperament of these dogs greatly depends on how they grew up when they were puppies. Some stray Native American Indian Dog may show other behavior than a dog who was raised by a family.

Rescuing an adult stray Native American Dog will surely require the help of trained professionals. If they feel threatened, they will have the capability to inflict some serious damage. However, puppies that are bred and cared for in their childhood turn out loyal and attentive. They are great with families and are able to make intimate bonds with everyone individually. They are very attentive and shy in front of strangers, but they will surely not be aggressive. Native American Indian Dogs are great with babies too and are attentive about their surroundings and territory.

They are very active dogs who like open spaces and are very playful too. Deeply characterized by observing nature, these dogs are very intelligent and are also honored for their unique problem-solving skills.

Native American Indian Dog Diet

The Native American Indian dogs need a soy-free diet. Two adequate amounts of meals each day are sufficient for adult Native American Indian dogs. The diet is not much different from that of any other large breed dog. They need a combination of nutrients in various quantities in order to live a healthy and active life.

The most important nutrient requirements for a dog as large as the Native American Indian dog are:

Proteins: These dogs need a minimum of 18% animal protein in their diet. Raw food should be avoided and ensure food is well cooked. It is best to provide a mixture of wet and dry foods.

Vitamins: Vitamins are an essential nutrient in a dog’s diet. In the case of large dogs, you may need to provide vitamin supplements that will improve your dog’s immunity and help him fight off diseases.

Fat: Fat is required for the fur of the dog. You must provide at least 5% of fat in a Native American Indian dog’s diet to keep their firm healthy and shiny.

Water: Dry foods make dogs thirstier than wet foods. It is important to make sure that a large dog gets an adequate quantity of water in order to not get dehydrated.

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Native American Indian Dog Training

Native American Indian dogs are very sensitive and respond to verbal commands as well as physical gestures. They are highly intelligent animals well known for their observing characteristics. You can train these dogs very easily, but you should always remember to not be harsh during the training.

Training a dog is not about teaching tricks for entertaining people. It is unethical to train a dog or any animal for your or anyone’s entertainment. Training a dog means, to set up a method of communication between the dog and the human. The more time you spent with your dog training them to understand your language, the stronger your bonding grows.

Native American Indian dogs are the giant-sensitive kind. You should commence your training sessions from puppy age. Puppies tend to be more stubborn and excited than adult dogs. Therefore it is necessary to train them for socialization and dos and don’ts from an early age. They are large breed dogs, so if you have an apartment, you should think of something else. Large breeds often suffer in small spaces and this affects their mental health in many ways.

Native American Indian Dog Common Health Problems

The Native American Indian dog breed is one of the healthiest breeds and rarely faces any health issues if taken care of. Staying away from chocolates or greasy foods will help them to stay away from heart diseases. Being a large breed of dog, these dogs need a substantial amount of food daily, depending on their nature of activity and exercise.

One of the common problems that trouble most of these dogs is hip dysplasia. It is a genetic disorder that causes an abnormal formation of the hip joints that lead to crippling or paralysis. Any kind of major injury, or extreme stress, or even a traumatic event can trigger hip dysplasia in these dogs and are more common in adult dogs.

It is important for your dog to exercise regularly and remain active in order to avoid health problems. Also, remember to not over-feed the dog. Obesity is one of the common problems faced by large dogs and it can also affect them fatally.

Native American Indian Dog Shedding

Native American Indian dogs have distinct coats that mark their appearance. These dogs generally come in two sizes and showcase two different coat colors and lengths. The coat texture depends on the climate the dog was raised as a puppy. Some dogs that are born in colder climates develop rather thick and long coats with dense undercoat too. On the other hand, dogs that are born in tropical climates tend to have shorter lengths and an undercoat.

The color of these dog’s coats varies from white to silver and black. Their coats have similar broken textures and tortoiseshell-like textures. These colors are present in both short length and long-length Native American Indian dogs. In colder climates, the dense undercoat of these dogs proves to be very useful for keeping their body temperature warm. Even in minus degree temperatures, these dogs will be able to keep themselves warm.

If you suffer from allergies related to fur, Native American Indian dogs may be what you are looking for. Their coats are hypoallergenic, which means no fur allergies for you. They shed their undercoat once a year. So, if you brush them around this time, you will be easily able to control the shedding and keep your house clean.

Native American Indian Dog Utah

If you are in Utah and looking for a reliable place for Native American Indian Dogs (NAID), you may find a few institutions. Though not all institutions can be trusted with their practice of animal ethics—you can go for yourself to find out more about them. Here are some of the organizations that deal with this specific breed of dogs.

1. Majestic View Kennels

The Majestic View Kennel is a reliable breeder and seller of Native American Indian Dogs. If you’re looking for a NAID in Utah, this is the first place that you need to check out. The owner of the place is Karen Markel and she works hard to keep the dogs healthy and give them a good life.

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2. The Dog Zone

This is another safe place for large dogs like Native American Indian Dogs in Utah. Though they do not breed dogs, they help with boarding, training, and feeding of large dogs, while their owners are away.

Native American Indian Dog Price

Native American Indian dogs are majestic creatures. You will find authentic breed characteristics in farms run by ethical and sound professionals. Breeders play an important role in a puppy’s upbringing. You will find many breeders who sell many dogs but have a very poor accommodation plan for them.

Try to find a nice and open space where breeding is a family heritage. Families who have for generations bred this dog make a great starting point to search for your favorite. Authentic breeders will charge you around $2000 for a Native American Indian dog puppy. You will get the best pedigree from these sources.

There are also many breeders who don’t specialize in this breed, but you will find decent Native American Indian dogs in these farms too. They will cost you around $1000 to $1500. Buying a dog and caring or looking after it are two different things. Think well about you much time you can commit to your fluffy friend before dragging him/her into your life.

Native American Indian Dog Breeders Association

It is better to know the Native American Indian Dog Breeders Association in order to be able to pick and choose the one most suitable for you. Not all breeders are capable, not all of them are reliable as well. Here are some of the institutions that are related to the Native American Indian Dog Breeders Association:

1. Song Dog Kennels

This kennel is situated in Selma, Oregon, and specializes in breeding Native American Indian dogs, which are identical to the ones used by humans thousands of years ago.

2. Terra Pines Kennels

This kennel is known for its purebred Native American Indian Dogs. It is licensed by the National Kennel Club.

3. International Indian Dog Owners and Breeders Association

This is not a kennel but an organization that involves the owners and breeders of native or Indian dogs. This place will be able to provide you detailed information about the Native American Indian Dog breed, their breeders and their owners.

Native American Indian Dog Breeders Massachusetts

There are not many authentic breeders in Massachusetts, but there are many sources from where you can obtain information. Massachusetts is home to many distinct dog breeders and pet boarding service providers. Most of them have positive reviews and are approachable for any guidance you like.

There is one place that has recently started their social media presence and their dogs seem very healthy and playful. Breton Brook Indian Dogs is a farm in Sandwich, where Native American Indian dogs are bred and well cared for. You can search for them on Facebook and get in contact for more information.

Canal Labradors are situated in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They are an authentic breeder of Labradors established since 1997. Although they may not have Native American Indian dogs, they can surely recommend you a good breeder in that area. There are many dog farms that are not commercial and yet provide homely environments for growing or old dogs. Picking your first puppy from a place like this should be awesome!

Native American Indian Dog Breeders Florida

It is quite difficult to find independent breeders of Native American Indian Dogs in Florida. Though the state of Florida has multiple organizations that breed and sell different varieties of dogs, it is difficult to find someone who can offer you a Native American Indian Dog.

However, if you are from Florida and you cannot get a Native American Indian dog from anywhere else, it is best for you to contact the breeders available near to you. Here’s a list of places that can help you out in case you need a Native American Indian dog in Florida:

  1. Florida Puppies
  2. Southernwind Kennels
  3. Royal Flush Havanese
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