Psychometric Exam: How Important it is for Corporate Hiring

Psychometric exam: Getting to know its relevance in today’s highly competitive corporate world

Human resource is considered to be among the most critical aspect of the efficient functioning of any organization. This specific resource is also stated to be the organization’s most challenging as well as difficult one to be managed. ( However, it is also a covert and universal accepted idea. With increasing competition in today’s time, organizations have clearly realized the need to ensure correct recruitment of the most appropriate staffs in the different departments. These staffs are to be deployed at the correct positions, to ensure greater and effective productivity.

Measures were taken

The HR community has managed to undertake different kinds of measures and use the variety of tools, so as to make the entire staff selection process to become simple, efficient, smooth and robust as much as possible. It includes the following:

  • Psychometric Test
  • Assessment centers
  • Group discussions
  • Case studies and
  • Structured interviews

Each of the above-mentioned types does come with its very own benefits and disadvantages and hence, adequate research needs to be undertaken to find out what will suit the specific needs of the organization. Among them all, psychometric assessment relevance needs to be understood very clearly, given today’s fast-rising competition in the corporate world.

Recruitment made easy

There is a need to hire only the best employees for the positions that are left vacant in the organization. It is the job of the recruitment manager or the HR to ensure that only the best and the most suitable candidates fill in the position. This way, they will ensure that the candidate lives up to the expectations of the seniors and the management. At the same time, the candidate will also feel satisfied to complete the task in hand without having to put in much effort or strain and will focus on the job and not on leaving it immediately. This way, employees can be retained thus decreasing recruitment expenditure and time and to enhance the overall productivity of the department and the overall organization.

Saving huge amounts on recruitments

It is clearly understood that recruitment does involve lots of time, expenses and can be really exhausting. But it is not possible for the recruitment managers to run away from the same, but fulfill their management’s expectations. Every organization does have its very own approach to hiring candidates. Often recruitment based decisions are considered to be arbitrary and subjective. It is only by using reliable and valid cognitive assessment tests or psychometric tests relevant to the overall hiring process that can bring in the best results as desired. It also improves the soundness of recruitment decision making.

It is of utmost importance to make the most approximate decision to recruit a deserving employee for the position and it can be made cost-effective in various ways. This does help to reduce significantly attrition and also enables recruiting people having the correct skill sets and to reduce training costs. Precious time that is generally involved at coming to a decision is also done away with, thereby making the entire process to seem scientific and objective.

About psychometric assessments

According to industry experts, psychometrics is said to be the science of measuring different mental processes and abilities. Traditionally, this evaluation exam was conducted in pen and paper, where the students are provided with a series of questions, statements or probably a situation where the students are expected to respond to it. Based upon the answers, an output is derived, thus helping to come up with a report form, which specifies where the candidate stands with respect to his/her personal traits, skills present, attitudes and qualities which are measured by this test. It is regarded to be the traditional version. These days, there have emerged numerous companies which are using an online advanced version of career personality test. The recruitment manager simply needs to register with the site. by paying a certain amount, he/she can access its contents and choose the ones that are the most appropriate for the business and can help with selecting the most approximate candidates.

Many professionals do also allow customizing the questions depending upon the specific needs of the position to be filled in, the kind of candidate desired for the job, the job profile and taking other things into account. Once the question is made ready, the candidates can now take their test online, the report of which can be generated almost instantly and also delivered to the candidate’s email inbox. This allows the recruiters and the candidates to know who is more suitable to fill up the position.

The typical psychometric evaluation process

  • Behavioural / Personality assessments
  • Aptitude / Cognitive assessments
  • Motivation / Values assessments
  • Skill assessments

Psychometric assessment relevance among today’s competitive organizations

  • Objective assessment: It eliminates subjectivity in selection and assessment decisions. The tests are able to throw up results very consistently which are based on individual responses to test items instead of subjective evaluations or impressions formed by the interviewers.
  • Efficiency and speed: A quick method is derived from the test to get plenty of information about the prospective employees and their individual capabilities. This online test can be completed within a time frame of 10-45 minutes and reports can be availed within 24 to 48 hours. This pattern does appeal immensely to the already stressed out recruitment managers. It is also possible to undertake assessments of a larger group simultaneously to enhance greater efficiency and to save precious energy and time.
  • Expert developed: The tests are very carefully developed by the well trained and highly qualified psychometricians, who have undertaken rigorous research and have used the highest standards of statistical and psychometric principles. This way, they are able to manage higher accuracy, depth to competencies getting assessed and precision.
  • Industry benchmarks: The assessment is generally taken among candidates probably applying for the same position or department. Hence, a better insight can be availed by the management about the individual and his/her abilities and industry competitiveness.

One of the major reasons for the increased effectiveness and popularity of this type of evaluation test is because it is highly cost-effective when compared to other 3rd party methods that were being used traditionally prior to its introduction. It also offers consistency as well as stable predictive ability.

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