Steven Crowder Wife, Hilary Crowder, released the “Marijuana” footage to Fox News Channel

Steven Crowder Wife

Steven Crowder, one of the best-known Youtubers in the 21st century, has come forward with multiple videos on his channel that speak of controversial issues. In comparison, Hilary Crowder, Steven Crowder Wife, seems to have no say in those videos. However, tables turned very soon when Hilary Crowder joined him in taking interviews of school students on their opinion considering marijuana is legal now in the country. But, we will move on to that controversy later on. 

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If you haven’t heard of Steven Crowder, then you may haven’t been addicted to Youtube very much. So, to acknowledge you about multiple controversies, facts, and theories about Steven Crowder and his wife, Hilary Crowder, we bring to you this creative reading. So, without any further ado, let’s get started: 

#1: Who is Steven Crowder? 

To begin with, Steven Crowder is not just a YouTuber, as multiple sources will tell you. Indeed, he started his journey of fame by accomplishing the stature of one of the best American-Canadian commentators on TV. 

Given his educational background and hardcore Youtube Channel with over 5 million subscribers, he has also successfully achieved to become a comedian, media host, and mainstream commentator on politics. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? However, it is not always thrilling for Steven Crowder. From time to time, he became the public’s target for the words he said on media platforms. 

Therefore, all in all, it has been going well for him. 

#2: Who is Steven Crowder wife? 

In 2012, Hilary Crowder and Steven Crowder tied knots and crafted their dream of living together forever into reality. For the most part, Hilary Crowder is a successful woman with a long-running career as an interior decorator with LeLand International, which is an elite chain of commercial chair manufacturers and sellers. 

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After having 100% experience of dating and long-term relationships, Steven and Hilary got engaged in 2012 and married the same year as well. It is definitely harsh that before marrying Steven, the famous YouTuber, Hilary was unrecognizable to the world. But, nowadays, she has got multiple new career opportunities due to her husband’s reputation. And someday, these opportunities may lead her to a career in modelling. Without a doubt, Hilary is an astonishing young woman of 34. 

#3: Steven Crowder Wife, Hilary, comes from a conservative family

From the very outset of her career-sphere in sales, Hilary Crowder has remained private about her lifestyle and daily schedule. Unlike Hilary, Steven Crowder is acknowledged for living off of social media. So, we can only imagine how far love can go! 

Hilary also goes by her middle name “Beth.” A few inside-detail platforms concluded the fact that she has grown up in a strict Christian family. Hence, it is comprehensive that Hilary does not tend to the limelight and shares every aspect of her life with her husband, Steven, with the media. 

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Although, we know that she graduated from Calvin College in Michigan. Not only this, but earlier to being a “Crowder,” Hilary was Ms Korzon. 

#4: Hilary also takes an interest in “politics” like her husband

From time to time, you may encounter couples who are totally different. For example, the most famous YouTuber, Pewdiepie, holds a comic side to his personality. In comparison, his wife, Marzia Kjellberg, was a lifestyle vlogger. Probably, the people Pewdiepie makes jokes about all day. 

But, thankfully, He and Steven Crowder Wife share similar interests. That’s right! Mr Crowder is the recurring guest at “Change My Mind” TV show which gives out reviews on movies, tv shows, and time-to-time political controversies. 

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Well! Here’s a shocking detail, Steven Crowder Wife, Hilary Crowder, has graduated in Political Science. It is one way to connect the dots between the two. 

On multiple occasions, literacies lose their control and create endless memes out of the “Change my Mind” template. It’s funny! But whatsoever, the show is quite famous. And, you cannot change viewers’ minds on that fact. 

#5: “Hilary Crowder is the most beautiful woman in the world,” says Steven Crowder

After holding a wedding ceremony in August 2012, Steven Crowder couldn’t wait any longer for the world to know that he has landed the most beautiful woman in the world. And, so he announced it on social media. 

On the 25th of August that year, Steven Crowder Wife’s pictures were all over social media. Unlike Hilary, who likes to keep things private, her husband, Steven Crowder, simply announced on the news channel that he and his wife are maintaining abstinence (restrain sex) until the wedding. And, believe it, people laughed out loud at that. 

Steven Crowder Wife
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However, after mentioning details of his personal life, Fox News Channel took the opportunity and crafted a telepathic discussion of the benefits of abstinence. It was quite the opportunity!

#6: The Couple got engaged in a “Drug-based” controversy

Not long ago, both Steven Crowder Wife and he were accused of falsely influencing high school students to converse about their use of marijuana on camera. According to the alleged victims, Hilary and Steven Crowder told the group that they were making the video for their YouTube Channel. However, the controversy left students numb when they found out their video was playing on the international news channel Fox. 

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The students were humiliated and socially harassed. When the case was disclosed to the media, he and Steven Crowder Wife kept silent on the issue until the controversy faded away. 

#7: Hilary Crowder doesn’t care her husband is homophobic

On multiple occasions, Hilary Crowder’s husband and YouTuber, Steven Crowder, has evidently spoken of things that make him look like a homophobic. And, for the most part, Hilary doesn’t seem to care at all. To the reader’s surprise, one of the famous Mexican Journalists, Carlos Maza, sued SCrowder for making homophobic comments on him on YouTube. He used terms like “Angry little queer.” 

Due to the lawsuit, the YouTube team was obliged to take down Steven’s channel. However, it didn’t happen. According to YouTube, it proceeded an investigation and concluded that no video on Steven’s channel violates youtube policies. 

#8: Steven Crowder Wife is not a fan of social media

Hilary Crowder Instagram or Facebook is nowhere to be seen. Thus, it is hard to say what she is up to these days. Unlike Hilary, Steven Crowder Instagram official ID @louderwithcrowder has 1M followers with only 100 in the following list. Wow! Someone is picky. 

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Some recent posts on his Instagram give an impression that Steven Crowder is currently sick and on bed rest. Apart from that, all in all, Hilary and Steven are happily living with their dog, Betty. 

#9: Hilary Crowder Net Worth

As of 2021, Steven Crowder Wife’s Net Worth combined with his net worth is $3 Million. Given that Hilary has not landed a high-paying job role as her husband, she gives most of her time to the house they live in. Unlike other stars, Hilary and Steven Crowder are both fans of simple lifestyles. Hence, they live in a middle-sized house in Detroit, Michigan. For a while now, Steven Crowder is going through Heart Illness. For the reader’s information, he is recovering at a speedy pace with his beloved Hilary on his side. 

#10: Steven Crowder is simply a badass

It can be hard to imagine Steven Crowder Wife’s reaction to his public doings. During a show, Steven Crowder spoke of suing Facebook for not censoring his content. Well! The story began when New York University’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights accused Facebook of not maintaining the same level of censoring policies when it comes to conservative pundits like Steven Crowder. 

Steven crowder wife
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Upon receiving more than five lawsuits, Mark Zukerberg did the unbelievable. He temporarily shut down all the political group pages at users’ suggestion to quiet down the fire. For the most part, many conservatives accused Facebook of taking such action just because of Steven Crowder’s language and comments which will probably lead to their loss. 

However, like each time, Steven Crowder and his Wife Hilary kept their silent streak on. 

#11: YouTube once banned “ads” on Steven Crowder’s Channel – Louder with Crowder

Believe it or not, but sometimes, Steven Crowder’s action put Hilary Crowder directly in the spotlight and defamation. With that being said, YouTube banning Louder with Crowder Channel from monetization was a strict action that the company took. 

After making homophobic comments on Vox’s Journalist, Carlos Maza sued Steven. It was right after Steven married Hilary. As a result of the investigation, YouTube dropped all charges on Steven, except for banning his channel from monetization. 

Steven Crowder Wife
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Before such strict action, Steven Crowder Youtube Income was $1M per year. And thanks to Carlos Maza, it is Zero. However, it doesn’t promise that Steven will no longer make comments to make people angry out there. And with over 1.2 million views on his channel, it seems like people love it. 

#12: Is Hilary Crowder pregnant? 

It is always exciting to find out that your favourite YouTuber is having a baby. And no doubt, with no latest picture of Hilary on Steven’s Instagram, we can only hope that Hilary is expecting. Maybe, the couple is just waiting for the right time to announce. So, let’s just cross our fingers on that. 


Apart from all the controversies and Steven Crowder pissing celebrities off every week on his channel, Hilary and he is having a great life. And, that’s all we wish. For more information, bookmark us. We will update you with news flash very soon, only if our imagination is true!

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