The Importance of Pre-Employment Test in Recruitment Procedure

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The urge for the best results creates the importance of a certain act to be done. This importance then provokes you to perform that action. When you feel thirsty you need water to satisfy your thirst. The core objective of every organization is to increase productivity and to be successful. For this purpose selection of the most suitable employees, who can put the maximum of their skills and efforts to generate desired output, is the thirst of a business concern. And for its satisfaction, they try different tools in order to hire the most potential employees.

The pre-employment test is the most functional tool in this regard. The importance of pre-employment assessment is undeniable in recruitment. Functioning as an entrepreneur you definitely are having an outline of questions needed to be asked while hiring your workforce.

You can have an arranged program for the conduction of such a detailed test, inclusive of all your queries, prior to the interview. You may also consult “Aptitude Testing” from Berke Assessment for their services. The importance of the pre-job test is more highlighted by discussing some major points of benefit.


The recruitment procedure is a time taking the task. A mismanaged program results in an increased time to hire. This has a negative effect on work efficiency and productivity and also causes financial loss.

The pre-employment test saves the time of hiring by boosting the procedure. By using this tool the recruiter can have a list of filtered applicants who are potentially fit for the business set up. More emphasis can be put on the selected candidates; the length of the whole procedure is cut short.


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“Time is money”

This saying perfectly fits in the current debate. The pre-employment test tool is of significant importance as it comes to time-saving. Traditional methods of recruiting which include resume shortlisting, telephonic interview and then one to one assessment, involves a lot of time to be invested. In the pre-employment test, the recruiter attaches a web link to the advertisement. The applicant can appear in the online test from any place and at any time. Hence the time is saved both for the employer as well as for the applicant as well.

 The typical lengthy process requires more funds at every level from the beginning to the last step. Once the process is shortened, the cost of omitted steps in also eliminated.


The fundamental principles of an organization that holds and supports the ethical structure are the values of it. All the business commitments are based on the organizational values as they determine the overall behavior of the organization. The pre-employment test concludes the candidates’ abilities to understand and comply with the values of the workplace. Being environmental aligned is very crucial for the productivity of employees.


This tool works as a filter to retain the quality applicants. Testing provides the managers with the list of excellent performed candidates to choose from.


This tool is effectively important as it decreases the chance of human error. The claims for biased selections are reduced as all the applicants for a certain position go through a uniform test. There is the least chance of favoritism.


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The pre-employment test provides a large variety of assessments to perform a vital role in the hiring process. Every skill and qualification is evaluated on the basis of separate specialized tests.

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