Tips to fight with Erectile Dysfunction

Tips to fight with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction has now become one of the most common problems faced by men these days. It usually happens to men who are over 40. Here are some of the things that one must keep in mind in order to fight Erectile Dysfunction. There is two option to fight against ED. First with the help of Arrowmeds Fildena Sildenafil generic viagra drug.

1.       Eat the right diet:

A diet which is known to be bad for a man’s heart is also not good for his erections. This mantra can be remembered and followed by men who want to improve their health by eating right. There are some studies that show some eating patterns to cause a heart attack because of the restricted blood flow that goes to the coronary arteries which also affects the flow of blood that reaches the penis of a person. Blood flow plays an important part in the erection of a person and there are different diets that include vegetables and fruits as well as some fried fatty processes flood which are known to contribute in decreasing the flow of blood in the body of the person overall. So, it is important to take a diet that takes care of your heart. There are some studies which show that people with Mediterranean diet are known to be less vulnerable towards having an Erectile Dysfunction as their diet constitutes of nuts, olive oil, fish, whole grains, vegetables, etc. There are many people who follow the Mediterranean diet right in order to treat their heart as well as sexual condition and have shown great results so far.

2.       Maintain your body weight:

Being overweight can bring a lot of health issues which also includes having a type 2 diabetes. This disease can cause nerve damage throughout the body which it will obviously hamper the flow of blood that flows throughout the body of a person. Diabetes in some cases directly affects the nerve which flows to the penis of a person and in that case Erectile Dysfunction in caused.

3.       Avoid having a High Blood Pressure and High level of Cholesterol:

High Blood pressure or having a high level of cholesterol in the body can damage the blood vessels of a person which directly affects the flow of blood that reaches the penis of a person. It is important to get your cholesterol level checked as well as the blood pressure of a person. There are some stores that offer free screening for checking the blood pressure and is something that can be done at home as well. Having any of the above two conditions unbalanced can affect the sexual life of a person and needs to be treated right away. There are some blood pressure drugs which make it hard for a man to get an erection in the first place and that is why prevention is better than cure and it is wiser to opt for ways which can naturally control the blood pressure of a person. Some studies believe that high blood pressure is the result of having damaged arteries which causes Erectile Dysfunction. For more Detail about check Arrowmeds.

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4.       Drink a balanced amount of Alcohol:

Having a Mild level of Alcohol on a daily basis do not show any result of Erectile Dysfunction in a man. On the other hand, having a habit of drinking heavily can cause a person to have a damaged liver which again interferes with the flow of blood which goes into the penis of a person. 

5.       Workout on a daily basis:

There are many studies that show that a sedentary lifestyle can cause Erectile Dysfunction in a person. Doing aerobics such as running, swimming, etc. can help in getting rid of Erectile Dysfunction in a person. One should get rid of the exercises that put excessive pressure on the pelvic region of the person. This can make the situation worse for people with Erectile Dysfunction.

Going on an occasional short ride will not call trouble and is likely to affect men who spend a lot of their time on the bike.

6.       Do not start with Kegel exercise:

This kind of workout is known to be ineffective on the person with Erectile Dysfunction as this exercise requires one to constantly contract and relax the muscles present in the pelvis of a person. This kind of work out is usually good for people who are suffering from incontinence but do not show any evidence to prevent people from Erectile Dysfunction.  

7.       Keep track of the level of testosterone:

For a healthy man, it is absolutely natural and healthy to drop the level of testosterone around the age of 50. It is known that the testosterone level of a man falls by 1.3% in men who are around 40. This results in having low stamina, low sex drive, being moody, having trouble in making decisions, etc. All these are known to be the symptoms of low testosterone in a male body.  For these cases, there are testosterone specialists, like Male Excel, who will recommend you the best treatment for increasing your testosterone level.

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8.       Stop taking Anabolic Steroids:

These drugs are usually taken by bodybuilders and athletes which is known to shrink the size of the testicle in a man which directly affects the production of testosterone that a male body can produce.

9.       Stop Smoking:

Smoking is known to hard the blood vessels of the human body by curbing the flow of blood that flows into the penis of a person. Nicotine is known to contract the blood vessels of a person which again hampers the flow of blood that goes into the penis of a man, thus making it less hard.


10.   Stay away from risky sex:

There are many studies that believe Erectile Dysfunction to be a cause of penile injury. Penile injury can happen at the time of sex and it is therefore important to think through the weird positions that one can have sex in. In some cases, the doctor’s opinion can be taken where a person can know what he can and cannot do to get his penis fractured.

11.   Stop Stressing yourself:

It is a known fact that stress can boost the level of hormones in a human body which makes the blood vessels of a personal contract. This adversely affects the erection causing capacity of a man. It is therefore important to keep stress at bay and have control over your emotions as much as you can. It may not seem like that but stress is known to affect the Erection of a person. Other Better option is

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