10 Interesting Facts about Cats You Might Not Know

10 Interesting Facts about Cats You Might Not Know

It’s not hard to love cats. If you have a cat in your home, you’ll definitely agree that they are among the most adorable household pets. They’re also loyal, curious, and sometimes mischievous (which just adds to their cuteness and charm). 

According to a survey, almost 25 percent of the households in the United States have cats as pets. This fact is not surprising since these lovely felines are great household companions. So, if you want to learn more about cats, here’s a list of fascinating facts about cats that you might not know. 

Adult Cats Don’t Meow at Their Fellow Cats

This trivia is perhaps one of the most wtf fun facts about our beloved little felines. But, yes, it’s true that adult cats don’t interact with their fellow cats by meowing. Kittens, on the other hand, meow when they want something from their mother cats. 

Cats Are Natural Hunters

Behind the overwhelming cuteness lies an instinct to prey. Yes, even your most adorable cats are sneaky and lethal hunters, and it’s a good thing to keep your house free of rats and other pests. 

Cats have this ability to limit their visible tracks and keep their noise down when they are preying on something. Such behaviors come from their jungle ancestors, the tigers. 

Most Cats Spend Their Lives Sleeping

Domesticated cats spend almost 70 percent of their life sleeping. Aside from their love for sleeping, cats also love to groom themselves (they do this nearly 15 percent of their waking hours) 

Cats Can See in the Dark

The eyes of cats are equipped with a natural night vision. They have these high number of dim light-sensitive rods in their retina, which allow them to see in the dark. Cats can use just one 17 percent the amount of light that humans need to be able to see in a dark environment. 

Cats Love Small Spaces

Have you ever wondered why your pet cats love to go or lie down in cramped spaces? If yes, here’s the answer to your question. 

According to animal experts, domestic felines like small spaces a lot because they feel more secure and protected when they are in them. For instance, when they cuddle up in boxes, they become more relaxed and comfortable. Also, lying down in enclosed spaces also helps them retain their body heat. 

Cats Can Get High on Catnip

Catnips have a chemical called nepetalactone that produces psychoactive effects in a cat’s brain. It’s believed that it has similar effects to cannabis and LSD. 

However, the high decreases within just 15 minutes, and won’t come back again for several hours, even if your pet is within sniffing distance. Also, not all cats go crazy for catnips. 

Cats Don’t Like Sweets

Give a piece of cake to cats, and surely they won’t eat it. That’s because they can’t taste sweets. If you want to feed them, give them fish – it’s their favorite!

Cats Don’t Only Purr When They’re Happy

If you think that your cat purrs because they’re content or happy, think again. Animal experts say that cats also make a low continuous vibrating sound when they’re hurt, stressed, or sick. 

Cats Mark Their Humans as Territory

Does your cat love to put its paws on you and massage you? Well, if yes, it doesn’t automatically mean that the cat shows affection to you. It might mean that your lovely feline is marking you as territory. 

Crazy as it sounds, but cats are territorial beings. And they don’t only mark spaces as territories but also people. 

Cats Can Also Get Allergies

Most people always worry that they might get allergies because of cats. But have you ever thought the other way around? 

Yes, cats can also get allergies because of us humans. In fact, there’s a growing number of cats who have asthma. This is because domesticated felines have frequent exposure to pollen, dust, and smoke. 


Cats are excellent household companions, and they’re way a lot more interesting than you think. Keep in mind the facts mentioned above and know more about your lovely felines. 

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