Rejuvenating Your Skin While Stuck At Home

You may have thought that because you are one of the millions stuck in quarantine, you will not have any problems with your skin whatsoever. What we have heard is just the opposite. We have been hearing complaints from people because they are staying home, and avoiding people and pollutants–but their skin is dull, dry, lifeless or broken out. If that is you, we have some tips for rejuvenating your skin while you’re stuck at home during this trying time. Here are some suggestions.

Try A Derma Roller

If your skin needs a pick me up, why not try a 0.5 derma roller. Derma rollers open up your skin to all kinds of skin serums, but they also work to rush collagen and elastin to your face. These two proteins work to plump up your skin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and can reduce the look of scars as well. When you use a dermaroller, you are tapping into the ancient Chinese use of acupuncture. About 30 years ago, dermatologists discovered the benefits of acupuncture and invented a roller technique to heal damaged skin.


Now more than ever, it is really important to moisturize all of your skin, because we are all washing our faces and hands all the time. Now that you are using a dermaroller, you really need to moisturize. You may want to begin a moisturizing routine using a serum. Serums, because they are so light, are able to penetrate your skin more fully than moisturizer alone. There are several different serums you can try. Ferulic acid serum combines Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which works to brighten your skin, protect your skin from the environment, and lighten the look of brown pigmentation in your skin.  You might also want to try Matrixyl, which is a serum that improves the look of aging skin. Matrixyl works to heal your skin from the inside out, by improving the skin layers under the top layer of your skin.

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Once you use the skincare serum, you then want to use a moisturizer. With both a serum and a moisturizer, you can double the effectiveness of both. When you combine the two, you are really working to protect your skin from the effects of aging and the environment.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

This is the perfect time to try something new. A lot of us want to experiment, but because we have to work outside the home, we really don’t want to try anything that might not go the way we want it to for our skin. Since we are all spending so much more time at home, why not take the opportunity to try a new product? Whether it is serum, a dermaroller, or a brand new facial spray, it is worth it right now to your skin to try new skincare as part of your routine. We know that it can be hard to care for yourself, but there is no better time to practice self care than right now.


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