4 Proven Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency in 2023

You can earn free bitcoins in 2023 by participating in various activities. Such as taking part in surveys or watching videos, using Learn & Earn platforms, playing games that reward you with BTC, and using special browsers and engines that offer crypto for viewing ads.


Today, we will highlight some methods of achieving bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. 

Use “Learn and Earn” Platforms

Learn and Earn platforms can be an excellent method for getting cryptocurrency. Moreover, you will gain knowledge about the industry. For example, Coinbase and CoinMarketCap allow you to get rewards for learning info about certain coins.


To start earning on Learn and Earn platform, you need to:


  • Choose the platform;
  • Create an account;
  • Pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.


After the verification, you can start educating yourself and pass quizzes and tasks on the platform. For completing them, the platform will give you rewards. The offerings and opportunities are regularly updated, so check the platforms frequently. 


Collect Airdrops

Airdrops will also help you to gain free cryptocurrencies. Airdrops allow companies to come into the spotlight and increase their visibility. Moreover, this helps to attract new users and to increase the customer base. You make simple tasks like retweeting news, liking posts, adding comments with hashtags and get an opportunity to achieve some free cryptos. 


To participate in airdrops, you just need a wallet or sometimes some trading history with project tokens. 


Both users and crypto companies win from airdrops. Users can get free coins as rewards, and the company gains visibility. 


The projects that have a brilliant potential for growth and will provide airdrops in 2023:


Play Games to Earn Cryptocurrency 

Games that offer play-to-earn mechanics provide an entertaining and exhilarating method of getting free crypto. By playing these games, users can have fun while simultaneously earning rewards. For example, you can get bitcoins as rewards in the following games:


  • Bitcoin Alien Run;
  • Profit Spark;
  • The Sandbox;
  • Decentraland;
  • Satoshi Quiz;
  • Spells of Genesis.


This method of getting crypto is very simple. Just install the game, create a wallet, and receive your rewards. Also, some games allow users to withdraw cryptocurrency from their Coinbase account.


Browser and Search Awards

Crypto rewards for browsing or viewing ads are offered by certain search engines and browsers like Brave and Presearch. That is quite a simple and effortless way to gain crypto without investing any funds.


Earning free crypto can be an excellent way to start with cryptocurrency. But always be cautious. Some of the projects can be unsafe for your funds and personal information. 


There are a lot of scams and fraudulent schemes that pretend to offer free crypto. These scams can take various forms, such as fake search engines, fake games, or false airdrops which offer rewards. In the worst scenario, you will lose all your funds, personal and other data. 



To sum up, we have to say that today it is possible to gain bitcoins and other crypto tokens. You don’t need capital to start, and you can get rewards today. 


If you want to start learning about cryptocurrencies and gain rewards, Learn & Earn platforms are your choice. Want to combine gaming and earning? There are a lot of play-to-earn games. Moreover, you can use specific browsers to get rewards for watching ads and surfing the web. And don’t forget about airdrops!


The list of ways to earn cryptocurrencies that we gave today is much larger, but we have shown you the proven ways to achieve crypto assets. 

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