10 Birthday Gifts for Your Dear Mother !!

birthday gifts for mother

A mother is a figure of love. One who truly cares about us. It is difficult to put into words the love that a mother feels for her children. She makes many sacrifices to ensure the happiness of her family.

It is only fitting that the online cake delivery in Delhi or gifts we get for our mothers, especially on their birthday, be memorable and truly say how much we love and appreciate everything that she has done for us.


Pamper your mom with a break from the chores of everyday life by gifting her a day at the spa. Self-care could be in the form of a massage, a manicure, or any of the other services that are on offer at these places.

Transparent Photo Frame

A transparent photo frame allows us to hold on to precious memories and show them to everybody. It is personalized by putting in the pictures that we hold near and dear to us. We can give this to our moms on their birthdays to show how much we love them. The pictures that we put inside the photo frames could either be of her alone or of the both of you to signify the cherished memories together.

Personalized Birthday Cakes

At the end of the day, no birthday is complete without birthday cakes. These days, we can get customized birthday cake delivery online that we can design ourselves. It could be in the form of a photo cake with the picture of your mom on top. It could also contain any memorable text that holds special significance to both of you.

Gym Membership

With age, exercise becomes very important. Is your mom a fitness freak and taking care of herself? If not, give her membership to a local gym where she could indulge in some exercises for the elderly. This will give strength to her ageing body and also keep her fresh and happy. It will also provide an opportunity for her to meet other people of her age, make new friends, and socialize.

Wooden Memory Chest

A wooden memory chest is an excellent gift to give to your mother on her birthday. On one hand, it could be a nest for all those precious items that she holds close to her heart – memories that she has built over her entire lifetime. On the other hand, it could signify a holding place for all the new memories that she is yet to carve for herself in the next coming years.


Mothers always love to decorate their house with different sorts of things. So a showpiece can be a nice gift for her that would offer her the joy of decorating her house in a new way.

The idol of God

If you find your mom very spiritual, then an idol of God can be one of the best gifting options. Just buy the idol of god, whom she loves to worship the most. Your mom is surely going to love and appreciate such a gift in receiving from you.


For the ones looking for something purposeful for their mom, then a handbag can be a great option. It would be something that would fulfil one of the biggest requirements of carrying things when she is out from home. However, for working moms, this is one of the best gifts.

Personalized Photo Frame

It would be one of the most special and exclusive gifts for her. There are plenty of gift shops that offer personalized photo frames and facilitate the printing of pictures, text, or quotes given by you. Offering such a special gift to her is sure to make you feel very special and happy. Moreover, she would always keep it safe with her as a token of your love. Other than these options you can look for many other gift options and can even Send gifts for Mom if you buy them online. For the same, log on to emothersdaygiftideas.net that offers an amazing range of Mother’s day gifts at attractive prices.


Flowers are always the best bet when it comes to surprising your mother. Our mothers have mostly had an affinity towards flowers. You can easily send flower bouquets for moms or Buy a flower for mother in law depending upon your requirements. While we have some of the most exciting gifts for moms in our repertoire, nothing quite matches flowers when it comes to conveying those special and mostly unsaid feelings of love, warmth, and affection. You can easily order online flower bouquets for moms at our portal. While you order flowers online for your mother, you can also send them to several countries from India or even within the country since we cover almost all Indian cities. We also give you special services like same-day flower delivery for mothers and there are several accompanying gifts for mom.

Birthday Cards

At the end of the day, keeping it simple can pay off. Every birthday should be accompanied by a birthday card. Pen a personalized note to your mom on her birthday. One that she will remember and cherish forever. Make it about everything that she means to you. Take a trip down memory lane and relive your most precious moments with your mom on paper.

So, these were some best online gifts for your mother that she will surely like.

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