Protein Treatment for Hair – How to try DIY Protein Treatment at Home!

protein treatment for hair

Whether your hair is dehydrated for some protein or not can really be a tough call to make. You may look at all the protein hair care treatments and wonder if your hair needs one too. If your hair is breaking off, frizzy, and dry, we will tell you how to stop hair fall immediately. Today, we will specifically focus on the protein treatment for hair and how it brings back the lost shine to your tresses. This blog will also focus on other important factors while considering a protein treatment for your hair. So, scroll down and know the best ways to provide your thirsty tresses with some protein care!

Signs You Require Protein Treatment for Hair

Protein care treatments are good for both someone who is losing hair and also needs hair growth. But just before you know what a protein treatment is and more, you must, first of all, know if at all you need one.

You will find many people simply deciding on a protein treatment by looking at the roughness of the hair. But that’s not all! Signs that show you need a protein treatment are much more than your hair simply being rough or dry. To make it a little easier for you, we have got for you all the prominent signs that show you need a protein treatment.

Scroll down and know all the signs that indicate your hair is thirsty for a protein care treatment:

If Your Hair is Losing its Elasticity

The first signs of healthy hair are that it should not snap off easily and, if stretched, gets back to its usual state. So, this is the first thing you need to notice in the strands of your hair. You can try out a little test on your hair and be sure if your hair needs a protein treatment or not. All you need to do is take a hair strand and give it a stretch gently. If you see that the hair doesn’t get back to its usual form, or it snaps or remains stretched- be sure your hair needs treatment.

If you have Recently Applied Hair-Dye

If you love coloring your hair very often, then be sure that your hair requires protein. Application of too much hair dye is not good for your hair uses up the natural protein your hair possesses. So, if you’ve gone through a heavy color-treatment recently, keep aside some time for protein care too. Only then can you maintain your hair health well enough, without allowing it to get dry and brittle.

Excessive Hair Fall and Breakage

Are you shedding a lot of hair recently? Does your hair fall exceed the hundred strand excess limit in one day? If yes, then surely the bells are ringing for you to go through some proper treatment. And the one that can help you immensely is- protein. One more important factor you need to keep in mind when you see your hair falling; Make sure your hair contains the white bulb at the tip of the strand. That indicates that you’re having hair fall from the scalp and not the middle of the hair strand. It would help if you surely went through a good protein treatment to give your hair the nourishment it is lacking.

If the hair turns sinewy and limp.

If you notice your hair to turn flat and sinewy, then be sure your hair needs some extra care. It would help if you vitalized your hair strand, giving it a good amount of nourishment. Soon, after your hair protein treatment, you’ll notice your hair to get fluffy and voluminous. So, you must notice how your hair looks in detail to understand the first signs of unhealthy hair.

If your hair turns porous

You must keep a close watch on how your hair looks. If you see the hair turning very porous, then you can be sure your hair strands have tears and gaps. When all of this happens, you’ll notice your hair absorb a little more water than usual. Also, you’ll see your hair turn frizzy and very tangly.  So, when you do a good thorough protein treatment for your hair, you’ll notice the gaps to close. And also, you can reduce hair fall immediately. If you’re wondering how to find out if your is porous, here’s help! Take a shallow bowl and fill it with water. Then gently place your hair strand into the bowl. If you notice the strand to sink completely, then be sure you have porous hair.

Consult A Hairstylist

Are you still unsure about whether your hair requires treatment or not? Well, then you should speak to your hairstylist. Taking an expert opinion is always the safest option when you are new to protein treatment.

When you get proper advice from a hairstylist, you can try out at home protein treatment for black hair. That’s because if you’ve gone through a hair dye treatment, you wouldn’t want to make a protein love all by yourself. So, now that you are almost sure when you need a protein treatment, whether at home or the salon. Let’s talk about what a protein treatment is all about!

What is Protein Treatment for Hair?

It would help if you had a clear idea about your hair needs and how you should go about the process. So, we will help you in the best way possible to get all the ideas you need before giving your hair some protein love.

First, you must know that hair is a protein that is known as keratin. This protein that we commonly call as keratin is what most of your hair is made of. It helps to keep your hair elastic, healthy, and very strong.

When you expose your hair strands to pollution, chemicals through hair dye, high-heat stylings, and more, the strand of your starts breaking the keratin down.

Moreover, when you make drastic unhealthy lifestyle changes in your sleep patterns, diet, and more, you might have a keratin deficiency. Only if you keep a good, rich in protein and, of course, a balanced diet, your body will help you keep the hair healthy.

So, when you do not have the correct amount of protein, you are bound to get a deficit of it, leading to hair loss. However, even when you make changes, the reflection of protein doesn’t reflect immediately. So, you might require external protein treatment for your hair.

The treatment you do of protein to your hair contains loads of protein that your hair strands can absorb easily. When it absorbs the protein, your hair repairs the damaged keratin and further strengthens it. You can go for a protein treatment at the salon or so a DIY process at home!

Different Types of Protein Treatment for Hair

You now know well what a protein treatment is. But do you know there are different types of protein treatments? Yes, you read that, right! Here we have curated a list of all the different types of protein treatments you can do for your hair. Which are:

A Protein Pack

You need to use this pack of protein for mild hair damage. You can try this out at a regular interval of one or two months.

A Light Treatment

You call a light treatment – conditioning masks too! It is used for hair that is used for hair that is damaged slightly. If you wish to maintain a regular hair treatment, then this option is also great for you!

A Deep-Penetrating Treatment

If you look at your hair and say it’s damaged moderately, then this is the best treatment of protein you should opt for. It does a moisturization that penetrates deep into your scalp. Your stylist might recommend this treatment every two weeks, depending on your hair damage.


If you have damaged your hair severely, then your stylist might recommend you to do a re-constructor. It may require treatment in every 2-week interval.

Protein Treatment for Hair Benefits

Now, it’s time you take a quick peep into the benefits every protein treatment gives you. So, let us check out all the benefits of protein treatment:

Makes Your Hair Soft

After a protein treatment, be sure to say ‘hello’ to soft, shiny tresses. It can move away from the dead cells and add a lot of protein to your hair. This softens your rough and frizzy hair.

Makes Strands Strong

When you do a treatment of protein, your hair is getting the hydrolyzed proteins. This gets into the follicles of your hair directly, which can harden the hair cuticles. Thus, making your hair strong and healthy.

Moisturizes the Hair

When you remove the dead cells from your scalp, your hair makes way to protein injecting into it. This allows your hair to retain the moisture it was lacking and makes it soft and moisturized.

Makes your Hair Voluminous and Gives it Body

The ultimate goal of using a protein treatment for hair is to reduce hair fall and make it look longer, shinier, thicker, and of course, healthier.

Protein Treatment for Hair DIY

One of the best ways to do a protein treatment for hair is to do a DIY pack using the ingredients ready in your kitchen. But it would help if you kept in mind that it might not be a protein treatment in the salon.

Here is a list of the natural products to use for a DIY protein treatment:

  • Eggs whites
  • Coconut Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Hair Mask with Banana
  • Hair Mask with Greek Yogurt
  • Hair Mask with Coconut Oil

Hair Pack Using Natural Ingredients

You already know a few of the natural ingredients you can use to make a hair mask at home. But if you run short of any ideas, we have got two hair mask ideas to start your protein hair treatment at home.

Here are the following:

Hair Mask with Avocado

The proteins and fatty acids present in avocado is a great natural ingredient you can use to give your hair the lost nourishment. All you need to do is: Take around 2 ripe avocados and mash them well using a fork. Then add in some avocado oil or mayonnaise to make it smooth enough to apply. You need to apply it on your scalp and wash it off using a mild shampoo after 2 hours.

Hair Mask with Greek Yogurt

One of the best hair conditioning ingredients is dairy products. It is filled with lactic acid and lots of protein, which is great for cleaning and nourishing your hair. To make a hair mask using Greek yogurt, you need to: Make a mix of yogurt, egg whites, and some coconut oil. Mix it well and apply it thoroughly through the strands of your hair and let it dry off in about 20 minutes. Then use a mild shampoo and lukewarm water to wash off the hair.   

Ingredients to Find in protein treatments for Hair

Now you know that the protein treatments can be done by using natural products. But if you still want to try out specific brands to do a protein treatment, you must know the products you are buying. So, here is a list of the ingredients you must look for when buying a product for your hair treatment:

  • Yogurt
  • Collagen
  • Keratin
  • Creatine
  • Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5)

Ingredients to shun in protein treatment for Hair

Here is a list of the ingredients you must avoid while purchasing a brand product for hair treatment. Here are the following:

  • Sulfates
  • Cocamide DEA
  • Parabens
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Silicones
  • Polyethylene Glycol

Final Thoughts

You can try out the protein treatment for hair at a salon or home, depending on how much your hair is damaged. But is always wise to use the natural products to bring back the shine, moisture, nourishment, and strength in your hair.

But if you require a salon protein treatment, remember to do it in moderation to make your hair not absolutely dependable on professional treatments. That’s because you might end up adding too much protein to your hair, which can leave adverse side-effects. So, use the treatments as moderately possible to get the best out of the protein treatment.

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