How to Control Hair Fall? Home Remedies for Hair Fall and Regrowth

How to Control Hair Fall

Hair thinning and frequent hair fall have become a usual problem for almost everyone out there. It occurs mainly because of the increase in pollution, exposure to high-heat styling, hair dye, and much more. Are you also among them? Do you also search every magazine and blog to find out how to control hair fall? Do you want to know what the best hair loss treatment for female and male? Well, then you’re reading the right space that has answers to all your curious questions. So, let’s quickly check out everything you need to know to control hair fall and how to stop hair fall immediately!

Causes of Hair Fall

Before you know how to control hair fall, you must know the possible reasons why you get a hair fall. Your hair might mainly fall off from your scalp, but in certain conditions, it doesn’t stick to that. In a few health problems, you might get hair fall right throughout your body. So, we have made a list that has possibly all the reasons for you to get hair fall.

Here are the following reasons that can trigger hair fall for you:


When you have any family history that involves someone having baldness, that can be inherited irrespective of gender, you may get male or female baldness.

Hormonal change

Your body goes through a lot of changes due to your hormones. It can be because of menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Medical Ailments

If you have any pre-existing health issues such as ringworm, hair-pulling disorder, or alopecia areata, hair falls are common.

Harsh Medications

If you have health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, gout, or heart problems, you may have high hair fall chances. That is because you are provided with medications that are very strong and contain complex compositions. All of which can lead to you getting hair fall.


When you go through radiation therapy, mainly due to cancer, you have a high chance of having heavy hair fall. It might even lead to baldness in some cases.


When you end up tying the hair very tightly or do other hairstyles, which involve you to pull the roots of your hair, you’re bound to have hair fall. This happens because your hair follicles become loose, leading you to have hair fall.

Hair Styling

Do you look at your favorite stars in awe? Don’t their new hairstyles always inspire you to do the same as well? All the styling you do to your hair by curling, straightening, blow-drying, and more leads to hair fall. It can happen because of two reasons: chemicals and excessive pressure put on your hair follicles.

Nutrition Lack

One of the major reasons for you to get hair fall is a lack of nutrition. If you do not provide your body with the vitamin for hair growth, you’re sure to get hair fall. Although these are the most obvious reasons to get hair fall, you might have more. Some more factors also initiate a hair fall, and those are as follows:

  • Putting-up on age
  • Getting stressed
  • Drastically losing weight
  • Health problems, such as lupus.

Alarming Symptoms to Control Hair Fall

Now that you know the possible reasons you get hair fall, you must notify the alarming symptoms, showing you the need to start to control hair fall effectively. Before you start treating hair fall, you must see alarming signs and address the problem immediately.

Here are the symptoms you may check before you start the treatment for controlling your hair fall:

  • Getting hair thinning from the center of the scalp.
  • Bald Spots in patches and circular positions
  • Hair starts loosening from the roots
  • Losing hair in the whole body
  • Patching of hair on your scalp

Here are some severe symptoms which detect, you need to control your hair from falling immediately.

How to Perform a Hair Fall Test?

Before you can control hair fall, you need to perform some tests to ensure you have hair fall. We have gone ahead and made a list of tests you need to detect hair fall and the probable reason. So, here are the following tests you need to perform to find out the reason for hair fall:

  • Blood tests
  • Hair-Pulling Test, which determines the stage your hair is falling.
  • Biopsy of the Scalp.
  • Light Microscopy.

The moment you get the exact reason for your hair fall, you can only control it from falling by doing the necessary treatment. It would help if you showed a dermatologist to find out the right treatment. If you’re sure it isn’t because of other health problems, try using home remedies for hair fall and regrowth.

How to Control Hair Fall using Home Remedies?

You now know well enough everything about the causes of hair fall and how you need to detect its exact reason. So, once you are sure from your dermatologist that your hair fall is due to the lack of proteins and vitamins, you can try out some of the home remedies to treat hair fall. These will give your hair the right nourishment and keep your tresses healthy and shiny too. So, let us check out all the easy home remedies for hair fall and regrowth. We will also tell you what to eat for hair fall to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Here are the following:

Have lots of Vitamins

Having a diet that is healthy and filled with vitamins is always the best way to keep your tresses in good health. More so, you may have hair loss for the deficiency of vitamins like E, A, and D. So, you need to supplement your diet with the right amount of vitamins to avoid weak, frizzy, and dry hair. But the greatest way to include vitamins in your diet is through the right food rather than the supplements that supply vitamin.

Some of the foods you must include in your diet are carrots, spinach, leafy greens, beans, oranges, milk, and more. Providing your body with the right vitamin for hair growth is an essential way to have healthy hair.

Hair Treatment with Coconut Oil

One of the easiest ways for protein treatment for hair is by using coconut oil. It can go deep down the shafts of your hair and prevent hair fall. Moreover, it can curb the chances of your hair turning dry and brittle due to the high-heat hair stylings.

You Require:

  • One small bowl
  • One to three tablespoons of Coconut Oil. Make sure it is the virgin coconut oil.

Process to Apply:

  1. You need to gently take the coconut oil in small amounts and rub it onto your scalp. After the application, massage your scalp so that the oil penetrates the hair follicles.
  2. Let the oil set on the scalp for about one hour. Then use a mild shampoo to wash your hair and remove the oil.
  3. Use a conditioner to make your hair soft and shiny.

It would help if you did this treatment three to four times a week to see the desired results.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great protein source and one of the best hair masks you can make at home. It has an excellent acidic pH and acts as a great conditioner for your hair. If you want to try a protein treatment for hair DIY, it’s a great way to bring back the lost shine to your tresses.

You Require:

  • One teaspoon of carrier oil such as coconut
  • One cup of Greek Yogurt. Preferably rich in probiotics.

Process to Apply:

  1. Mix the yogurt and carrier oil into a smooth paste.
  2. The use a brush or your fingers to apply it well on your hair.
  3. Let it sit for around 20 minutes.
  4. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair.
  5. You may or may not use a conditioner.

You need to apply this hair mask every two weeks to get the desired results. And if you want the goodness to reflect on your hair and health both, have a cup of probiotic-rich yogurt every day.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are among the best inclusions you must make to your diet if you are searching for healthy hair. It has the ability to control hair fall and also increase its growth. So, apart from including them a little more in the dishes you make, you use the trick below to provide your hair with the right nourishment.

You Require:

  • Fenugreek Seeds – Half Cup
  • Drinking-Water

Process You Need to Apply:

  1. Take the half cup of fenugreek seeds and soak it in water. Leave it overnight.
  2. Toss it into the grinder and make a smooth fenugreek paste. Then, apply it using the tip of your fingers on the scalp and gradually the entire hair strands.
  3. Let it sit for around one hour. Then use tap water to rinse off the paste and towel dry your hair.

If you wish to see the desirable results, use this hair mask to make your hair moisturized and soft. Apart from making a hair mask out of fenugreek seeds, don’t forget to add it in your diet to get the maximum goodness of these seeds.

Onion Juice

A study published in the Journal of Dermatology showed that applying onion juice topically showed immense results to prevent hair falls for females naturally. It is said that this home remedy is one of the best treatments for hair fall in the case of people having alopecia areata.

You Will Require:

  • One Half Onion

Process to Apply:

  1. You need to toss the half onion in a blender and make it into smooth juice.
  2. Then gently apply the onion juice over your scalp and gradually through your hair strands.
  3. Let it sit for around 20 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly with cold water.

You need to do this treatment for your hair at least 2 to 3 times in one week to get the best results.

Chinese Hibiscus

It is seen that the Chinese hibiscus is great to grow hair and works wonderfully as a hair treatment. You will find that the flowers and leaves of the Chinese hibiscus contain properties that can help hair growth and stop hair fall.

You Will Require:

  • Chinese hibiscus flowers – 1 or 2 pieces.
  • Chinese hibiscus leaves- 5 to 6 pieces.
  • Carrier oil preferable coconut oil. (as much needed)

Process to Apply:

  1. It would help if you tossed the Chinese hibiscus leaves and flowers into the blender.
  2. Then add coconut oil to make it into a smooth paste. You can dilute it as much as required.
  3. You need to apply the mixture on your scalp then using a hair dye brush or your fingers. Spread it evenly on your scalp and the strands of your hair.
  4. Let it sit for around one hour. Then use a mild shampoo to wash your hair off.
  5. Apply a conditioner and then use cold water to wash it off. Use a towel to dry your hair.

You can try out this hibiscus homemade hair mask at least once in a week to get wonderful results.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t like the look of beautiful, shiny, and tangle-free hair? But to achieve the goal of healthy hair is not a very easy task. It would help if you were sure of the reasons that cause your hair fall, and only then will you know the right way to control hair fall.

You need to make an earnest call when looking for the best treatment for hair fall in diet and lifestyle. Once you have the right foods and maintain a healthy and balanced living, you’ll see your hair problems to vanish immediately. And if other medical reasons cause your hair to fall, consult a hair specialist at the earliest. There are no chances of being disheartened as the doctor will provide you with the best hair treatment. However, the home remedies for hair fall and regrowth can be done alongside your medical hair treatment as well. So, use natural remedies, and you’ll see shinier, smoother, and healthier hair like never before.

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