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As time changed and humans evolved, a lot of things have changed their course. Earlier we used to click images to capture our treasured memories and then came the video recording. All this time a lot of changes and innovations have developed new procedures for recording videos. With the help of smartphones, we can record videos on it. What if a video recorded fails to play in your device? Well, then there is a solution for that as well. All you need to do is look out for video repair software over the internet.

Every problem has a solution and so does the videos with minor or major errors. You just don’t have to dig deep into the internet to get hold of one such software. There many free video repair software available on the internet which can effectively help you resolve the issues.

Why video repair software is required?

Generally, repair software of videos is required when certain video experiences some problems while playing on your device. It can be on your smartphone, PC, laptop or smart TV. Here are some of the common causes which lead to the requirement of software for video repair.

  • If a video freezes while playing or after you press the play button then there are some issues with the video.
  • Sometimes it occurs if the file type isn’t supported by the player but even after playing with a different player, the video refuses to start or stops playing then it needs repair.
  • If a video crashes midway while playing then there are some issues which need to be fixed.
  • Under certain scenarios, a file refuses o play if it is corrupted.
  • In some cases, a video stops if the file wasn’t copied properly.
  • There are situations where the video plays without the audio, this too is an issue which can be repaired.

These issues can be resolved with the help of best video repair software. The repair tools will effectively help you repair the video and enjoy a hassle-free viewing experience. Regardless of the file format, the software listed below can help you repair the video with ease.

Top Video Repair Software for PC Free Download

In this list, we have gathered some of the free software available on the internet for video repair. These software can be easily downloaded in your PC and laptops. Besides, you don’t need any additional assistance to get the job done. The installation process is pretty simple and so is the repair procedure.

VLC Media Player

This free video repair software is one of the most popular and highly appreciated software for playing videos and repairing them as well. Although most of us use it as a medium of playing audios and videos only, it can be used to repair audiovisual files too. Files which are available in the MOV, QTRM, MP4 and AVI format can be easily repaired through the VLC media player. The repair procedure is detailed below for you.

  • Go to tools
  • From the drop-down menu, select preferences
  • A new window opens where you need to select Inputs / Codec’s option
  • Scroll down and select Incomplete or Damaged AVI file
  • New drop-down menu will pop-up where you need to select Always Fix

Once this procedure is complete, go to the file and play it again. If the file plays smoothly then it has been repaired. There are situations when a certain file fails to play even after repairing with the help of VLC. In such conditions, you must try some other software for video repair.


DivFix++ is one of the amazing video repairing software which is popularly known for fixing AVI videos. You can fix any type of issues in videos of AVI format with the help of DivFix++. The most important factor in the case of DivFix++ is that it is video repair software for PC free download. To repair a video file through DivFix++ is a simple task. All you need to do is,

  • Open the file which needs repair or else you can just drag it to the DivFix++ interface.
  • Alternatively, you can also add the file manually by selecting the Add Files option from the menu.
  • An amazing feature of this software is that you can repair multiple files all at once. To repair multiple videos together, you need to select the option Multiple AVI Files.
  • Next, you need to select the Strip Index option to clear the index section from the videos
  • Now you can choose the Fix option to repair the files.
  • Apart from this, DivFix++ allows you to check for errors in the files through the Check Error option.
  • There is another feature which allows you to cut certain parts of a video which are not required or damaged to an extent which is beyond repair.
  • You can also keep the original file from being overwritten with the help of Keep Original File option.
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Once you are done with this procedure, you can locate the original file in the exact location where you saved it while the repaired file will be available in a different folder.

Digital Video Repair

Free to download, the Digital Video Repair is one of the best video repair software you can avail from the internet. This software is potent enough to repair videos of different format such as AVI, 3ivx, MPEG4, Angel Potions, DivX and Xvid. If you are experiencing problems while playing a certain file then it needs repair. Issues such as visual disturbance disrupted audio and video quality, rough playback, etc. are some of the common reasons why you need to repair the file.

Digital Video Repair is effective enough to repair files over 2GB size and also recreate all the broken down segments. For instance, if a certain file broke down during recording or while editing, you can repair it with the help of Digital Video Repair. This software is a brilliant option for you as it supports multiple languages, supports Standard AVI and Open DML AVI file compositions. The procedure of repairing files through this software is pretty simple.

  • First, you need to select the Input File option where you can attach the damaged video
  • To check for errors click on the Check Errors option
  • The file status will show if there are any errors in the file
  • Select the Repair option to start the file fixing procedure
  • Once the repair is complete, a small window will pop-up which will ask you to choose a destination folder to save the file.

Another interesting feature of Digital Video Repair which makes it different from other software is the Relevant Knowledge feature.

File Repair

The File Repair is a unique video repair software which is not solely dedicated to repairing video files but also supports DOCX, WAV, PNG, XLS, MP3, GIF, Zip, PPT, RAR, PDF, JPEG, etc. The software is designed in such a way that it extracts all the data from the original file and recreates a file which is free from all errors and damages. The process of repair is easy and won’t require assistance.

  • Start by selecting the damaged file and press the repair option
  • The repair process will commence on the screen
  • After the repair is complete, both the files that are the original and the repaired one will be found in the same location
  • This procedure is applicable for all kinds of files such as PPT, PDF, JPEG, RAW, RAR, Zip, BMP, TIFF, GIF, MP3, etc.

This is a better option as here you can repair files of all types and formats. This is a one-stop solution for repairing corrupted files and restoring the data.


Uniquely designed software which allows the user to repair files while they are downloading as well is Meteorite. This video repair software can repair MKV files too. The software has a very basic layout and easy to understand the repair procedure. When you download the software, you don’t get an interface to see but a simple box. Now, this is where you can drag down the files for repair.

Select the MKV files you wish to repair and drop them in this box. Once, the file is attached, the software automatically commences the repair procedure. During the procedure, the corrupted parts are repaired and a newer version of the same file is created. This is the only software which is dedicated to MKV files only. The software operates on the C++ coding which allows it to function smoothly.

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Repair Video Master

We often tend to trash all the corrupted or damaged files but with the help of certain software, you can repair these files. There are loads of video repair software among which Repair Video Master is a distinct one. This software was solely developed for Windows OS and can repair any video file with errors. If a file fails to play, restricts you from fast-forwarding or pauses while playing then it is a corrupted file. Such files need repair and Repair Video Master is the solution for it. This software is designed to repair files of multiple formats such as AVI, AC3, DivX, WMA, XVID, ASF, MPEG4, RMVB, RM, etc.

The most interesting feature of this software is that it creates a newer version of the file attached for repair. This, in turn, doesn’t damage the original file as a new file is created with the help of the same data. The repair time required by this software is much lesser than that of other software. It can fix any file which is, broken, trimmed, corrupted, damaged and unplayable. Besides, if a file fails to fast forward or rewind, fails to copy from DVD or CD, freezes while playing, etc. can be repaired with the help of Repair Video Master.

The Video Repair Master is designed to repair multiple videos all at once. Files which are of more than 2GB can be repaired through this software.

Remo Repair AVI

If you take a good look at the name of the software, you must have figured out that it is dedicated to repairing AVI files. The fun part is that it also repairs XVID and DivX files as well. The software works efficiently and makes sure that the repaired videos work smoothly. This video repair software helps in repairing audio and video streams too. The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS. It fixes the damaged files and allows the user to preview the repaired file before completing the procedure. This is available is a demo version which you can purchase later on. The demo version has a certain usage allowance after which you can purchase the software or shift to any other software.

  • Start the software on your computer
  • Select the video which needs repair from the list of videos
  • You can select more than one video at a time for repairing
  • Once the selection is done, the repair procedure will start automatically
  • After repair, the software allows you to preview the file
  • If the repaired output is satisfying, you can download the file.

To use the software you must register and open an account. This account will help you to purchase the software later on.

MP4 Video Recovery Tool

The MP4 Video Recovery Tool is a Windows OS based software for repairing videos. It is dedicated to repairing MP4 files only in the Windows OS. The MP4 files which cannot be played or freezes midway can be fixed by this tool. This video repair software needs Java Runtime Environment for functioning in your device. The repair procedure is mentioned below.

  • By clicking on the Select Corrupt Video File option, you get to select a damaged file
  • Next, select the Working Video option which allows you to select a working MP4 file developed on the computer
  • Now, click on My File to commence the fixing process. The procedure may take a lot of time depending on the performance of the computer, size of the file and type of damage
  • On clicking the Status option, you get to see the repair status of the file and the location where the repaired file is stored

The above video repair software are some of the tools which can help you repair videos as well as files of some other format. You can choose the desired software to repair your damaged files. On the contrary, you can also browse the internet to get the desired software which will fulfill your requirements of you don’t find it on this list.

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