Breeds of Cats Options to Explore Before You Pet Them for Your Home

breeds of cats

The best friend you come back to after a rough day at work is your pet at home. If you own a pet dog, then it might find peace in your presence. But if you have a little cat at home, it might not be that astonished to see you back home. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t care. They just have different ways of expressing themselves. In order to know them better, you need to go through different breeds of cats. These small fur balls are gifted with a great deal of attitude, as well as sweetness. The cats have a friendly nature. They are affectionate towards their owners and love to play. They often wait by the door for their owners as dogs do. Cats also often love to explore outside, so think about looking at a cat door company for a pet door for your home.

Breeds of Cats

In this article, you can get a list of cat breeds, which you can choose from when planning to pet one:

Maine Coon

The cat breed is also famous by names like Coon cat, Maine cat, and American forest cat. Such names might give you a conception that this cat might be wild. Well, it is not entirely false if you judge the cat by looks. The Maine Coon is one of the oldest cat breeds in North America. The race is remarkable for its long fur and hunting skills. The official state cat of North America is friendly with human beings, known as “the gentle giant.” The dog-like behavior of the Coon cat might win your heart right away.

maine coon

Persian Cat

As the name suggests, the cat breed is originally from Persia, Iran. At present, Persian cats rank as the second most popular cat breed in the world. Most movies that showcase cats cast Persian cats for special appearances and roles. The cat looks remarkable due to its long hair and a flat face with a short muzzle. Persian cats are mainly white, but at present days due to mixed breeding for generations, a few cats have extra-ordinary coat colors like black and mix shades.

Persian cat


These breeds of cat are one of the most popular breeds in America. They are of American origin since the 60s. The Ragdoll cats have semi-long hair. The thing which makes them unique from other cat breeds is the vibrant blue eyes. Sometimes you might spot two eyes of two different colors as well. The cat has got a unique silky and soft coat with a unique color combination. The Ragdolls are of calm and docile temperament, but they have an affectionate nature towards humans.

ragdoll cat

The Siamese Cat

This is the first cat breed of Asian origin. People often call them “Thai Cats.” The point coloration coat of the Siamese is remarkable. The cats of this breed have almond-shaped beautiful blue eyes. They have a triangle face with long ears. Their body is muscular but slender and elongated.

Siamese cats are prevalent in the whole of Europe and North America. The cat is of a friendly and playful nature. Fetch is their favourite game. They are affectionate towards humans and also gentle towards other cat breeds. One glimpse of the Thai cat is enough to make you fall in love with them.

British Shorthair

These breeds of cats are named after their place of origin. Yes, it is from Great Britain. The remarkable feature of the British Shorthair is its grey, tabby, or colorpoint coat with beautiful orange eyes. The coat of the cat breed is dense. The fur is generally short. The cat has got a massive severe broad face.

The severe face and good looks of the British Shorthair tend to attract people towards it. They not only look good-natured but in reality, too, they are good boys and girls. The calm temperament in cats is rare, and this makes the British Shorthair a famous media star.

American Shorthair

This cat breed is of European origin. Recently this cat breed has been ranked seventh in the list of the most popular pedigreed cats in the United States. These cats have got some unique skills in hunting rats and mice. So, previously people used to keep them as guarding cats to protect the cargo from mice and rats.

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The American Shorthair is an active and playful breed. They are hard-working and affectionate towards human beings. You can find out varieties of more than eighty coat color in American Shorthair. The cats can weigh up to twelve pounds in adulthood. They have a lifetime of a maximum of fifteen years with proper love, care, and vaccinations. You can take care of these cats at low maintenance due to their sturdy and healthy body.

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat breed has Ethiopian origin. The most remarkable feature of this cat breed is that each hair in its coat has got a particularly unique color. The coat color often is referred to as the modern fashion model style. They have a slender and muscular body. The cats are domestic and playful and they tend to imitate dogs nature-wise.

The affection of these breeds of cats towards humans often makes them follow their owners around the house. It carves its name in the top five most popular breeds around the world. The Abyssinian cat breed is one of the most ancient breeds due to the mummies of similar cats in Egypt. These cats are energetic and curious about everything around them.

Sphynx Cat

The cat breed is unique due to the absence of fur or coat in the body. These cats originated from Toronto during the 60s. The Sphynx cat breed has become a remarkable social media star, as many people prefer to keep Sphynx now. Sphynx cats might have fine, small fur or no fur at all. Their whiskers are either broken or not present at all.

The skin color of these cats resembles the coat color, which might have been on their coat. The unique skin design on these cats attracts masses. The Sphynx have slender, narrow faces with webbed feet. Their skin is sensitive to touch and warmth, as it tends to lose more heat due to the absence of a coat. The cats often look for warm places in the house or seek the owner’s touch. The cats have a friendly nature. They are affectionate towards their owners and love to play. They often wait by the door for their owners as dogs do.


The cat breed of Birman comes from Burma. These cats have got remarkable color pointed coats. They are long-haired with distinguished deep blue eyes. The unique feature of these Birman cats is the presence of a sock-like design on each paw. The cats have roman noses with broad faces. They have a rectangular-shaped body. The fur quality is excellent and silky as compared to that of other cats.

breeds of cats

Exotic Shorthair

This cat breed is similar to that of the Persian cat. The main difference they have is in the coat and fur size. Exotic Shorthair cats have short hair. They have a round flat face with a flat nose, which adds on to the innocence of these little furballs. The soft nature and calm temperament of these Exotic cats make them rank first in popularity. The origin of this cat breed is the United States. The Exotic cute cats have a playful and curious nature. They share the same energy level as American Shorthairs. The cats love the attention of owners. They do not prefer being left alone in the house. The cats often love lap cares and a lot of affection from the owners. They are excellent rat hunters.

breeds of cats

Scottish Fold

This cat breed originates from Scotland. The most common names of the cat breed are Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair, Longhair Fold, and Coupar. The cats have dominant-gene mutation, which affects the body cartilage. The ears of these cats tend to fold downwards or bend down towards its head. These body cartilages are folding turn out to be the most remarkable feature of the cat breed. People often consider them to have an “owl-like appearance.” The cat has a medium-shaped body. The cat has got a round face with a short neck and short nose with a gentle curve. These cats have short to medium-length legs. The ample space in between the eyes makes them look adorable.

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Bengal Cat

This cat breed is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are domestic cats with the United States origin. The cat breed comes from the mixed breeding of the Egyptian Mau and the Asian Leopard Cat. The Bengal cats have gorgeous coats with golden linings and different markings like that of rosettes, arrowheads, marblings, etc. The cats are incredibly playful. Their robust body requires regular exercise for perfect fitness. The Bengals have a good temperament with curious nature. They are inquisitive and love to be in high positions. They love chasing, hunting, investigating, and more. These cats are one of the most confident cat breeds who love playing with water.

bengal breeds of cats

Burmese Cats

The cat breed comes from Burma or Burma-Thai border. The original Burmese had dark brown sable coat color previously. But now, due to breeding in Europe, they come in various unique color combinations. The cats are incredibly playful and friendly to human beings. The cat has got a faint colorpoint coat. The breed has got long to medium legs with a broad face. It has got a short muzzle and is of medium to small size. The paws are also round. The tails of the Burmese remain proportionate to the body and legs.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue breed originates from Russia. These cats have a remarkable short and dense coat. Their color varies from shimmer silver to dark grey. The Russian Blue breed cats are playful by nature. Though in adulthood, these cats tend to grow a serious and reserved personality. They enjoy the company of their loved ones. These cats do not enjoy the company of strangers much. The cats are curious and love doing tricks. The Russian Blues often enjoy playing fetch and open doors. The cats have an exceptional level of energy and are fierce hunters. They can easily hunt down birds, rodents, rabbits, rats, etc.

Russian Blue breeds of cats

Devon Rex

This cat breed is originally from England. The cats are incredibly talented and have an eagerness to learn different tricks. The cats have long pointed ears with thin faces. Their coats are wavy, and bodies are slender in shape. The cats are intelligent and can quickly adapt to the most challenging tracks of all time. The Devon Rex cats are very notorious and energetic. They love to play around the house. It is easy to take care of these breeds. The cats tend to have the behavior of a cat, a dog, and a monkey.

The cats are good at jumping and they love to place themselves in the highest locations in the house. They can do anything and everything to reach such difficult positions. The cats of this breed entertain only one person throughout its lifetime. They love to snuggle on top of the head and shoulders of the owner.

Himalayan Cat

The cat originates from the United States. Some other common names of this cat breed are Himalayan Persian, Colourpoint Persian, Longhaired Colorpoint, and Siamese-Persian. The Himalayan cat is the product of cross-breeding a Siamese Cat and a Persian cat. These cats have a round body with short legs. The cats have doll-like faces or Peke-face. The cats have big round eyes with leathery nose in between them. The coat of these cats come in a variety of Bluepoint, Lilac point, Seal point, chocolate point, red or flame point, and cream point too. The Himalayan cats can be moody at times, but they are intelligent and playful by nature. These cats love to play fetch and with many other kitty-toys. They love affection and care from their owners.

breeds of cats


Besides the above list of cat breeds, there are several more new cat breeds present all around the world like Norwegian Forest cats, Oriental Shorthairs, Bombay cat, Siberian cats, American Bobtail, Manx cat, etc. If you wish to buy a cat for yourself, then you can choose from the above list of popular cat breeds to get your best fur buddy companion.

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